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Propolis extract dry: active agents of propolis of a crystal or amorphous consistence.

Specification 5:1 and 10:1


Propolis (Ouse, bee glue) - the dark adhesive collected by bees from young buds of different trees which is modified by enzymes of insects and is used by them for isolation of foreign objects in a beehive and puttyings of cracks.

References of use of propolis in the medical purposes occur in papyruses of ancient Egypt and books of outstanding Aesculapians of antique times Galen and Dioskorid. The set of data on propolis contains in ancient Russian doctor books: bee glue was used for treatment of skin diseases, wounds, inflammatory diseases of a stomach, lungs.

Process of receiving propolis.

At first bees of a certain age collect renal glue from plants and bring it in a beehive. And, they do not enter a beehive, and transfer to young "pure" bees as the atmosphere of a beehive has to be sterile. At the following stage young bees subject adhesive to enzymatic processing and only after that use for needs of a family: for sealing of cracks, construction of cells, a zamurovyvaniye of the killed strangers and wreckers, production of the lids closing cells. Beekeepers scratch out propolis from walls and a framework or use special lattices. From each beehive it is possible to receive up to 150 g of bee glue.

Fresh-gathered propolis possesses spicy and bitterish taste, a sticky consistence and light brown or dark green color (the shade depends on a species of plants from which it was built). Very specific, reminding aroma of honey and an incense began to smell bonds. Eventually it dries, gains brown color and becomes dense, but brittle.

Main feature.

Keeps all useful properties at heat treatment.


Propolis contains over 200 different connections, but not everyone they gives in to identification. It is known that vegetable pitches, wax, terpene acids, flying and tannins, balms, essential oils, irreplaceable amino acids, flavonoids, vitamins of group B, vitamins A and E, nicotinic and pantothenic acids, a large number micro and macrocells (zinc, manganese, potassium, sodium, magnesium, sulfur, phosphorus, copper, selenium, fluorine) and other substances are a part of propolis.

Use and useful properties of propolis.

Propolis possesses ability to influence all bodies and systems of a human body, but its main properties used in medicine are bacteriostatic and bactericidal. Propolis suppresses activity and destroys a wide range of bacteria and viruses: from a tuberculosis mycobacterium to viruses of hepatitis and flu. At the same time bee glue does not exert any impact on "native" intestinal microflora, therefore, does not cause dysbacteriosis (unlike antibiotics). And simultaneous use of propolis and some antibiotics strengthens effect of the last.

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Propolis extrac
Propolis extrac
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