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Production of pools polyurea

Production of pools polyurea

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Technical characteristics
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LLC POLIMER PROM POSTACh makes monolithic polyurethane membranes on concrete surfaces (flat roofs, terraces, pools, the bases, etc.) method of a dusting of two-component polyurethane material, with receiving a monolithic elastic wearproof polyurethane covering. Works on drawing are performed on the prepared surface by method of a high-temperature dusting of two-component polyurethane. Today this method is the most demanded at production of pools on a number of direct advantages before other methods of a waterproofing, namely: - solidity of a membrane (lack of seams and high tightness of a covering); - durability of a covering (the service life declared by manufacturer – 30 years); - elasticity of a membrane (95 units of Shor); - ideal adhesion of a membrane to the concrete basis (at respect for technology); - frost resistance (resistance to sharp differences tepmeratur:-40 … +120C); - resistance to hostile environment (salts, acids, solvents, etc.); - resistance to abrasive wear and ultraviolet; - a wide range of color scale of a covering with selection of half tones (on the RAL system); - local maintainability of a covering (manually); - not toxicity of a covering; - possibility of production of a rough nonskid surface (shagreen leather); - speed of production of a polyurethane membrane (1000 sq.m 3-4 of day); - reliable anticorrosive mixture. protection of metal designs (material steamproof); - 100% the dry rest (in material there are no solvents); - wide range of temperatures when drawing a membrane (-10 … +40C) Works on drawing a polimochevinny covering will be carried out on the prepared polished concrete surface with the made curves and design forms as "under painting". Roughnesses of a surface with difference to 1 mm are allowed. The top coat layer will be made in the form of a uniform coarse-grained roughness (shagreen leather). For production of a membrane of the pool we offer the choice of color on the RAL system: Color 1013 (pearl-white), color 5018 (turquoise), color 5012 (blue) or any other color, at the request of the customer. Also, at the request of the customer, under the order, we can make color of a covering several half tones lighter or are more dark than the color chosen on the RAL system. In case of the choice by the Customer of light tones of a covering Colour 1013 or color 1015 we recommend application of a covering not less than 2,5 mm thick. Otherwise membrane raying, with manifestation by places of dark color of concrete is possible. Confirmation of compliance of production: certificates of quality of the producer, passport, etc. documents.
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Production of pools polyurea
Production of pools polyurea
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