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Production of fellings

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Ukraine, Romanov
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Construction of wooden houses is conducted from logs of coniferous breeds. Material has to be without decay, cracks, not infected fungus or a bug — drevoyedy. Logs for walls have to have diameter from 18 to 40 cm in juncture. The first (okladny) a wreath is put from thicker logs. Wreaths are rallied among themselves in a groove which is chosen from the lower party of each log. Groove width, depending on climatic conditions, fluctuates from 13 to 15 cm. The best form of a groove - a semi-circle, the worst (wrong) - a triangle. For warming in grooves put heat-insulating material - tow, a dry moss. To give to walls stability, at construction of the house wreaths among themselves strengthen plug-in thorns 12-15 cm high, having them through 1,5-2 m on length and in chessboard order on felling height.
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Production of fellings
Production of fellings
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