Buy Production of Extruders, Chernihiv
Production of Extruders, Chernihiv

Production of Extruders, Chernihiv

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Ukraine, Chernigov
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Production of Extruders, Chernihiv

Extruder (from armor. extrudo - I push out), the car for a softening (plastication) of materials and giving of a form to them by breakdown via the main tool (an extrusive head) which section corresponds to a product configuration. In an extruder receive mainly products from thermoplastic polymeric materials (plastics), use them also for processing of rubber mixes (in this case an extruder often call the syringe machine). By means of extruders produce films, sheets, pipes, hoses, products of a difficult profile, etc., apply thin layer coverings on paper, a cardboard, fabric, a foil, and also isolation on wires and cables. Generally apply shnekovy, or worm extruders to extrusion of plastic. Also there are disk extruders.

Extruders for processing of polymers

Among different types of the equipment used in the field of processing of polymers, the most demanded, perhaps, the extrusive equipment for production of pipes is. It is connected with a wide circulation of polymeric pipes in construction thanks to their characteristics considerably surpassing characteristics of traditional steel pipes.

Extrusive lines

1. Production of profile pogonazhny products

Extrusive lines are intended for production profile pogonazhnykh products: door and window profiles, panels for finishing of walls and ceilings, multichamber cable boxes, etc. The line consists of the vacuum calibration device stretching and the cutting knots and the overturning table. Lines are completed with extruders depending on the processed material and can be operated with the forming heads of various section.

2. Equipment for production of pipes

Extrusive lines of pipes are intended for release of different types of pipes: water, gas, drainage, sewer, etc. Depending on initial raw materials and purpose of finished goods the extrusive line of pipes can be completed with extruders odnoshnekovy or extruders dvukhshnekovy.
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Production of Extruders, Chernihiv
Production of Extruders, Chernihiv
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