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Probiotics for pigs

Probiotics for pigs

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Technical characteristics
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Probiotics for pigs



• Set of weight: 

help to acquire high-protein forages and to split molecules of complex organic compounds


• Economy aft: 

improve digestive process and help to acquire nutrients most fully


• Improve immunity: 

normalize intestinal microflora, warning the whole range of gastrointestinal diseases and infections

• Quality of meat improves 

• It is the best choice for prevention and treatment of epidemic diarrhea, an inoculable gastroenteritis, yellow prints, white traces and diseases in airways of pigs

• Effectively promote growth of pigs;

• Promote strengthening of bones;

• Promote absorption of highly active calcium; 


Look: light yellow powder.


Use and dosage:

To use since 3-month age. In the first week of use, in the period of a stress or recovering from a disease the dose has to be doubled.


Mixing with a forage:

To add 0,1% of day quantity of a forage. For example, 1 kg on 1 ton of a forage.

For convenience of mixing it is possible to mix a small amount of a forage with a probiotics for pigs on sagination, and then to add to a daily diet. For example, 1 kg of probiotics on 10 kg of a forage, and then 100 gr. mixes on 10 kg of a forage.


Mixing with water:

To dissolve a probiotics for pigs on sagination in water at the rate of 10 g on 10 liters (water temperature has to be no more than 40 degrees).

To insist within one and a half hours.

To pour in drinking bowls.

Not to use in nippelny drinking bowls, from — for contaminations of nozzles.

Storage conditions:

To store in the cool, well aired, dry place, far from direct sunshine. To avoid high humidity.

To store in the place, inaccessible for children. At hit inside to see a doctor.

Wash hands with warm water with soap after use.

The expiration date is unlimited

At observance of storage conditions.


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Probiotics for pigs
Probiotics for pigs
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