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Pressoterapiya is a special way of mechanical impact on tissues of the person, created by forcing of air under pressure in the special cuffs closing parts of the body, necessary for therapy. At the same time there is a removal from an organism of surplus of liquid and toxins, venous blood circulation and outflow of a lymph improves, exchange processes in cells of skin and fatty cages therefore the quantity of fatty cages in an organism considerably decreases become more active and the body takes accurate elastic shape.

Pressoterapiya allows to get rid of hypostases of various origin, considerably reduces body volumes, effectively struggles with cellulitis and eliminates flabbiness of skin, doing it elastic and smooth. Procedure does not demand special preparation and any postprocedural leaving.

Pressoterapiya is an excellent way to get a slim and beautiful figure. In a complex it is ideally combined with procedure of a wrapping.

The course usually includes 10-15 procedures. Pressoterapiya is carried out each 2-3 days. If necessary a repeated course is conducted in 5-6 months.

Indications for a pressoterapiya

  • o excess weight
  • o cellulitis and global fatty deposits
  • o heavy feeling in legs
  • o venous insufficiency
  • o prevention of varicosity at an initial stage
  • o postoperative or post-traumatic hypostasis
  • o an overstrain in muscles
  • o of a hematoma and limfostaz
  • o low motility of intestines
  • o hems

Contraindications for a pressoterapiya

  • o of a disease of internals
  • o acute inflammations of skin
  • o thrombophlebitis
  • o pregnancy
  • o periods
  • o diabetes
  • o existence of sharp cardiovascular diseases
  • o hemophilia
  • o sharp viral diseases
  • o oncological diseases


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