Buy Portable Pneumatic vulcanizer - ECV Press Series
Portable Pneumatic vulcanizer - ECV Press Series

Portable Pneumatic vulcanizer - ECV Press Series

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Transportable air vulcanizer - ECV series of press intended for docking and repair by hot vulcanization of rubber conveyor belts in widths from 800 to 1600 mm in any shape, length and thickness of the joint in a repair shop or directly on the conveyor. Press arrangement formed by the classical scheme, which includes: is the upper and lower heating plates; is the upper and lower crosspiece push - the locking device; - a frame; - Control block; - pneumatic diaphragm; - a portable compressor. Hot plates are made of light resilient alloy using patented vibration - proof heating elements, surface - distributed heat of high reliability and economy. The configuration of the placement of heating elements of the plate area and power are calculated so as to provide the required uniformity of the temperature field in view of the increased cooling plate edge zones. It is possible to increase the efficiency of the heating plate area, as well as to reduce its weight and power consumption. "Multi - layer" plate design and the right choice of materials and structural elements of sizes make it possible to plate the required flexibility needed when joining conveyor belts with worn top cover. If necessary, the heating plates may be integrated with forced air cooling system, thus 3 times shorten the cooling time to 70 ° C plate. Connection plates to the control unit by means of heat - resistant power connectors with protective covers that protect the connectors from possible mechanical damage and contamination during shipping and storage. To control the temperature of the plates in manual control mode there are special slots for bimetallic thermometers. Lever presses crosspiece made of high - quality structural steel. Thickness traverse walls and its shape are designed so as to provide maximum strength at crosshead minimum weight and cost. Mass traverse 1900mm length is about 56 kg. Similar traverse press EMU - Air company «NILOS», made of aluminum alloy and weighs about 41 kg, but its value is 20 times higher. The clamping device is a pair of threaded bolt - nut with standard threads, and different light weight, reliability, ease of operation and maintenance. Frame press designed for the installation of pressure plates and traverse a predetermined angle to the axis of the conveyor drum and is made of profiled pipes. The lower yoke mounted on the frame and fixed with pins and frame the holes in the cross arms. Bilateral location pins allows for docking or repair joints irrespective of the direction of the bevel. regulating and control unit (BRU) ensures: - automatic control and display of heating temperature of each heating plate to 1700S; - manual adjustment of the heating temperature of each heating plate; - starting and stopping the press by means of push - button control station; - an indication of the heaters via LEDs; - protection from damaging circuit temperature sensors; - overcurrent protection; - protection against the loss of control; - automatic disconnection after a predetermined press curing time (optional); - connecting the compressor with a working voltage of 220V to 380V network (option for three - phase AC network with isolated neutral). Structurally BRU housing is made of two sealed compartments with doors. In one compartment located control, indication and automatic control means in the other - the cables with sockets for connecting the compressor and the heating plates, and input electrical plug connector. Experience has shown that such BRU design is maximally adapted to the most severe operating conditions, transport and storage. Moreover, the housing can be manufactured with a transparent door BRU control module with a view to visually monitor the performance of the press with the door closed in dusty conditions or aggressive environment. Due to the low weight (about 20 kg), convenient handle BRU easily carried by one person. Pneumatic diaphragm serves to distribute pressure evenly over the entire area of the conveyor belt portion vulcanization. The diaphragm is a multi - modular construction consisting of the required number of pneumatic modules made from high quality reinforced rubber, protected from mechanical and thermal influence waterproof plywood sheets. Multi - modular construction principle allows the diaphragm to produce any shapes and sizes one set of tooling, which significantly reduces the costs of their production. In addition, the damaged unit can be easily replaced with a serviceable. Connecting the modules to the compressor is made by means of quick release pneumatic fittings. The portable compressor is used to create working pressure in the pneumatic diaphragm, and also for supplying compressed air to the inside heating plate during its cooling. The compressor is usually located inside the protective frame with a convenient carrying handle, or on the trolley. The frame has the necessary connectors for electrical and pneumatic connections of the compressor to the press and the working pressure is controlled by the embedded gauge. Lineup presses series ECV Designation Parameter ECV - 800 ECV - 1000 ECV - 1200 ECV - 1400 ECV - 1600 Conveyor belt width, mm 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 Length Interface Upon request installation angle of heaters on a conveyor belt, hail 71 - 90 71 - 90 71 - 90 71 - 90 71 - 90 Thickness conveyor belt, not more than 20 mm 20 25 25 30 vulcanization temperature, 0C 140 - 170 140 - 170 140 - 170 140 - 170 140 - 170 Specific pressure on the conveyor belt, MPa 0.8 0.8 0.8 0.8 0.8 voltage, V 380 380 380 380 380 The specific power, kW per 1 m2 of plate 12 12 12 12 12 heating time to the vulcanization temperature, min 25 ± 25 March ± March 25 ± ± 25 March March 2 5 ± 3 Cooling time forced air cooling, min 20 25 30 35 40 Weight portion of the portable media, kg 22 30 40 48 56

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Portable Pneumatic vulcanizer - ECV Press Series
Portable Pneumatic vulcanizer - ECV Press Series
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