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Polyurethane compound 80

Polyurethane compound 80

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The polyurethane compound 80 represents two - component polyurethane system of cold hardening. Thanks to low viscosity and insignificant shrinkage the Polyurethane compound 80 is easily filled in and authentically transfers the smallest details of a surface. The short term of full hardening allows to take off a uniform from master model less than in two hours. Ready forms differ in durability and elasticity, and also considerable resistance to attrition. The polyurethane compound 80 does not emit oil.


It is intended for creation of flexible molding forms for production of sculptural and architectural products from abrasive materials, such as concrete, plaster plasters, etc. , from epoxy and from wax. Also, the Polyurethane compound 80 is used for production of rubber mechanical details of various configuration, and also by production of plugs for spherical mills and otboyny pillows.

Preparation of master model.

Carefully clear and dry master model. For porous surfaces (plaster, concrete, clay, etc. ) use dividing structure. As dividing structure greasing or paste on a wax basis can be used. The dividing structure is applied in moderate quantity both on a master model surface, and on timbering inside. Too large number of dividing structure can cover some fine details of mester - model. Before filling of polyurethane let's dividing structure dry up at least within 10 minutes.

Mixture of components.

1. Carefully move a component B.

2. Weigh equal quantity of a component A and component B in separate capacities. It is recommended to measure components on weight, however thanks to the specific weight of material an opportunity to measure on volume is allowed.

3. Accurately mix components A and B in the third capacity, bigger than the first two. Mixing has to be carried out accurately and slowly to avoid considerable formation of air bubbles. Mixing is recommended to spend not less than 3 minutes.

4. For total absence of bubbles it is recommended to decontaminate material. The technology of molding under pressure using the autoclave also gives almost total absence of bubbles. The tools and capacities used during the work with polyurethane compounds have to be pure and made of glass, metal or plastic. It is necessary not to forget to take when hashing material from sidewalls and from a bottom of capacities.

5. When mixing large volumes (more than 7 kg) it is necessary to use mechanical mixers. Mixing is also made by the mechanical mixer within 3 minutes. Then accurately mix manually as it is described in item 2 and item 3. Then pour in new pure capacity and repeat process.


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Polyurethane compound 80
Polyurethane compound 80
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