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Polyurethane binding for bulk floors

Polyurethane binding for bulk floors

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandПолиХим-2005 (Р-1)
  • Country of manufactureUkraine

POLYURETHANE SYSTEM on the basis of Polychemical-2005 (R-1)

(two-component polyurethane glue)

1. Characteristic and scope

Polychemical-2005 (R-1) (component A) - represents the polyol containing functional additives in the structure.

Isocyanate of Cosmonate M-200 (component B) - mix on the basis of polymeric MDI, a difenilmetan-diisocyanate with the maintenance of high-functional isocyanates.

For the purpose of improvement of resistance of a product to action of ultra-violet radiation the brand of an isocyanate  Isonate OP 50 is recommended.

Isocyanate  of Isonate OP 50 (component B) – mix orto-and couple - isomers of monomeric MDI.

The two-component polyurethane system on the basis of Polychemical-2005 (R-1) is applied as the glue structure fastening crushed stone, gravel, sand, etc. and used:

1. Repair is expensive, a covering of parkings, industrial floors, warehouse, strengthenings of embankments of railway ways, production of paving and socle slabs, and also sports coverings and playgrounds.

2. Landscaping – formation of many-tier models of fountains, garden paths, decorative borders, and also in elements of ritual architecture. The created covering passes water, on its surface pools are not formed, water passes through material. When using of not painted mineral fillers the structure easily is pigmented. Introduction of 1-2% of a pigment of the mass of a mineral filler allows to receive bright saturated colors, thus it is possible to receive applications when forming coverings of playgrounds, etc.

3. Strengthening of coastlines – the seas, the rivers, lakes, ponds.

This glue structure has the high durability of pasting of stone fractions and at the same time provides elasticity of a glue seam that gives durability to finished product even at high physical activities. Thanks to elasticity of material and high characteristics on viscoelastic properties, and also its waterproofing properties are provided by resistance to stretching at a covering and as a result of its high water resistance and frost resistance. High rates on waterproofing activity allow to use it as waterproofing structure for minerals with the increased ability to water absorption. Polyurethane glue is ecologically safe material.

2. Technological recommendations:

The used filler has to be pure and dry

Optimum temperature of processing - (10-30) °C

Optimum overtime – (15-30) minutes from the moment of the beginning of hashing of liquid components of system.

3. Recommendations about processing

Components A and B mix among themselves in a separate container within 2-3 min. to uniformity, then pour out the received mix on a filler (crushed stone, gravel, sand) in a concrete mixer and mix 5-10min. It is allowed to mix all components (a filler, a component A, a component B) directly in a concrete mixer within 10 minutes. Preliminary combination of components in a separate container allows is guaranteed more evenly, in the necessary ratio to combine components and not to allow a raznoottenochnost in a covering. The filler has to be completely moistened with polyurethane system.

Preparation of a surface on which the covering will keep within, it has to be carried out depending on purpose of a covering (a decor, a surface on which the person moves the carriageway), extent of consolidation of the basis is defined by settlement loadings and should not be washed away by rainfall.

The surface of the tool during the work can be wiped or moistened with solvents of not containing alcohols (a xylol, solvent). After unloading of components from a concrete mixer, without waiting for full polymerization, the surface is smoothed out by the rubber tool: scraper, pallet. After completion of work the surface of a concrete mixer and the tool are wiped with the rags moistened with solvent. In case of application of pigments upon transition from color to color, it is necessary to wash away the mixing device solvent. It is allowed, after unloading of working mix to make cleaning of a concrete mixer as follows - to load dry crushed stone, without binding and to mix within 5-10 min.

After hashing of components the prepared material keeps within on the prepared surface and is stamped or rolled by a skating rink weighing 100 kg. Strength characteristics of a covering are defined by the contact area of particles, so, depend on particle size distribution or extent of consolidation. A breaking point at compression of coverings of different particle size distribution are specified in the table. In case of filling of working structure in a form, for the purpose of receiving products, drawing on a form of the dividing lubricants preventing sticking of a product to a form is necessary. Application of forms from polymeric materials (polyethylene, polypropylene) to which is allowed adhesion at polyurethane composition is absent. For prevention of sticking of polyurethane composition In several hours polyurethane hardens, time of hardening depends on ambient temperature. Final strength characteristics are reached in three days.

When filling material in a form, endurance of finished product in the form of not less than 3 hours.

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Polyurethane binding for bulk floors
Polyurethane binding for bulk floors
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