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Technical characteristics
  • Brand3V
  • Country of manufactureItaly

Chemical and physical characteristics

Chemical name Carboxyvinyl polimer

International name Carbomer 

Appearance white powder

Specific gravity 0.20 - 0.23 g / cm3

Acidity (0.5% aqueous dispersion) 2.7 - 3.5

Average equiv. weight 76

Viscosity neutr. dispersion (Brookfield RV, 20 rpm, 25 C)



Polygel CA is a synthetic polymer known and widely used in the cosmetic industry as a thickener and suspending agent due to its safety and versatility. Polygel dispersions are characterized by high viscosity and purity, therefore they are suitable for preparing shimmery gels and clear gels as well as for preparing stabilizing emulsions.


In the process of dispersing the polygel in water and in a suitable solution, a clear gel is formed. Dispersion should be carried out by slowly adding polymer to avoid clumping and until the particles are completely dissolved. Turbulence should be maintained to prevent entrapment of air that would be difficult to remove from the final product later. During the preparation of the emulsion, CA polygel can be dispersed in oil containing free volatile dispersions at a concentration of up to 30% . Neutralization can also take place with inorganic bases (such as Na OH, KOH, NH4OH) or with organic amides (such as TEA, AMP, AMPD). To neutralize 1 g. polygel CA at an acidity level of 7, a base equivalent of 0.01 are suitable (0.4 g NaOH, 0.9 g AMP, 1.5 g TEA).

Prolonged high cut during and after neutralization due to the fact that it can lead to a loss of viscosity.

The addition of electrolytes can lead to a drop in viscosity, which is definitely clear for bivalent and trivalent cation salts.

Under normal conditions, gels made from CA polymer neither prevent nor encourage the growth of microorganisms, therefore the addition of suitable protective agents is recommended. Exposure to ultraviolet rays can lead to a loss of viscosity of the CA polymer gel. The addition of an aqueous solution of UV absorbents such as UVASORB S5 (Benzophone - 4) can help prevent polymer degradation.

Toxicological information

LD 50> 2000mg / kg

No skin irritation

No eye irritation


Transport, storage and handling

According to international transport regulations, the product is not classified as toxic. Store in a cool, dry place. Protect from moisture must be ensured. Inhalation of dust, contact of the product with skin, eyes and mucous membranes should be avoided. In case of contact, rinse immediately with plenty of water.


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Polygel CA
Polygel CA
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