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Polishing and polish of floors order in Kiev

Polishing and polish of floors

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Floor coverings, whether it be firm floors from concrete, marble and granite, a surface from a parquet and linoleum, daily are exposed to different mechanical and chemical influences. Even a stone floor - effective and strong, in places of mass accumulation of people (these are, first of all, shopping centers, hotels, big office rooms) gradually loses over time the properties. The dust and dirt (especially, sand) brought from the street work as a natural abrasive, leading to scratches, cracking of marble and granite, their gloss is lost.

Alignment of a concrete surface as independent process of construction works or as the preparatory stage to drawing a bulk floor - is important action on which quality of final finishing surface flooring in many respects depends. Polishing and milling of concrete is carried out "on dry", that is do not moisten a surface with water.

Small roughnesses to 2 mm, surface defects and the cement milk which is formed after laying of green concrete eliminate by concrete polishing with the mosaic grinder with diamond or corundum segments. The cement milk needs to be removed surely before laying of any bulk floors as it interferes with penetration of polymer into stronger concrete layers, that is reduces adhesion of diverse materials.

Timely polishing, polish of concrete, marble and granite allows to correct a situation, to return to a stone covering original state. This technique is applicable if depth of hollows does not exceed 3-4 mm for a marble floor and 1-2 mm - for granite.
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