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PMA 4210 actuators

PMA 4210 actuators

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I will sell I Will sell Automatic switches from 1A to 3500A:
- Series A: And 3710, A 3711, A 3712, A 3713, A 3714, A 3715, A 3716, A 3717, A 3718, A 3721, A 3722, A 3724, A 3725, A3726, A3731, A3732, A3733, A3734, A3735, A3736, A3736, A3738, A-3741, A-3742, A-3743, A-3744, A-3745, A-3746, A-3747, A 3770, A 3780, A 3780, A 3781, A 3782, A 3785, A 3786, A 3787, A 3788, A3790, A 3796, A3791, A3792, A3793, A3794, A3795, A3796, A3797, A3798, A-3144, A-3134, A-3124, A-3114, A-3163, A-3161 (BOUZAS, FUZ, SUSA, BTZ, BHLZ, P, M, BR, CM, Cf.), etc.
- AE series: AE-1031, AE-2016, AE-2026, AE-2036, AE-2046, AE-2056, AE-2066, AP 50 it.
- VA series: VA-5543, VA-5541, VA-5239, VA-5239, VA-5139, VA-5735, VA-57F35, VA-5135, VA-5133, VA-5931, VA-5925, VA 04-36, VA1-63, VA-88, VA-66, VA-47, VA 21-29, AK63 it.
- ABM(AB2M) series: ABM4C, ABM4CB, ABM4H, ABM4HB 120-400A,
ABM10C, ABM10CB, ABM10H, ABM10HB 5000-1000A,
ABM15C, ABM15CB, ABM15H, ABM15HB 1000-1500A,
ABM20C, ABM20CB, ABM20H, ABM20HB 1200-2000A
- Electron: E06VUZ 250-1000A, E16VUZ 1000-1600A, E25S, E25SV 1600-4000A,
E40S, E40SV 3200-4000A.
- Kontaktora and actuators for start and protection of electric motors.
From 9A to 1000A with a chain of management: 12V, 24V, 36V, 42V, 56V, 110V, 127V, 220V, 380V, 660V.
Series: PMA, PML, SHARE, PME, KT, KTP, KTPV, KPV, Caucasus Mineralnye Vody region, KM, MK, KMI, KTI, PM, PMK, MK 6-10,
MK 6-20, MK5-10, MK5-20, K14-21, K15-21, K16-21 (high-frequency), etc. The hinged equipment and protective covers to them. The spare parts and the relay provided by the manufacturer.
- Limit switches of series: VP, military industrial complex, KU, VU, it.
- Switches of series: PV, PKP, unitary enterprise, military industrial complex, PKU, PE, etc.
- Contactless sensors of series: BVK, BKI, BQ, PIShch, etc.
- Microswitches of series: MT, D, VK, MI, MKB, MP-1101, MP-1105, MP-1107, MP-1203, D-703(MKB, VK-6), MI3-A
- Krestovypereklyuchatel PK12-21
- Toggle-switch of series: TV, TP, PT, P2T.
- Buttons of management of series: KE, VK, KME, PKE, PKU, PKT, PNVS, PNV, KM3, PE, HELL and to the drrela, etc.).

Comte. +380677582740

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PMA 4210 actuators
PMA 4210 actuators
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