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Plaster orthopedic "BANG DE LI

Plaster orthopedic "BANG DE LI

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The plaster orthopedic medical "BANG DE LI" is improving production and is used at orthopedic problems of a backbone, inflammatory states in a vertebra or in a back (gangliya), at an ishasa, lumbar and sacral radiculitis, at a knee joint pains etc. Provides full value of the movement Combination of Substances continuously, consistently and is dosed comes to deep layers of skin throughout all usage time of this means. Application of plasters does not cause any reactions from bodies and systems as the substances which are a part of plasters as much as possible concentrate in the struck fabrics. Properties of the orthopedic plaster "BANG DE LI": Eliminates pain, hypostases and promotes restoration of fabrics at: radiculitises, arthritises, muscle strain and copular device, bruises, sports injuries, miozita, painful tension of humeral muscles and muscles of a neck and back. Action: renders the expressed anti-inflammatory effect; eliminates pain; improves blood circulation; removes puffiness, a swelling; improves a metabolism. Application: To remove packing from a plaster and to impose it on a pure surface of skin of a painful site. To use a plaster 2-3 days. The following plaster can be used in 3-5 hours. A course - 5 plasters. For receiving the best result it is recommended to complete 2-3 courses. At orthopedic problems of a backbone imposing of two plasters at the same time is recommended: one in lumbar and sacral area, the second - in cervical and scapular area (in places of localization of pain). At inflammatory processes the plaster is pasted on the painful place or on both sides of a backbone. At a sciatica, lumbar and sacral radiculitis - one plaster is pasted on sacral area, the second - on a calcaneal zone from outer lateral face of a heel. At a knee joint pains the best effect gives imposing of two plasters along with two sides of a knee - at the left and on the right.; Are applied in cervical and scapular area (in places of localization of pain). Waist pains. Application (imposing of a plaster) on a sacrum. The plaster provides normalization of a muscular tone and elimination of an inflammation, hypostasis and irritation of the nervous terminations. Frequent pains, spasms, paresteziya (feeling of "goosebumps") of legs, hands. Application at the same time on a shin and a sacrum. Postoperative states. Difficult states after orthopedic and other surgeries. Promotes fast healing of operational wounds, actively resumes blood circulation, eliminates hypostases of the struck fabrics. A prolapse of an intervertebral disk (a disk hernia nuclei pulposi) - a rupture of a disk of a backbone from an overload, violations of its food or a trauma. Hypostasis and leg pain. Frequent headaches and neck pains. Postinsultny states (violation of blood circulation, shift in cervical department). Applications on chest (in front) and cervical department of a backbone at the same time. Bronchial asthma. 2-3 courses are recommended. Delivery across all Ukraine.

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Plaster orthopedic "BANG DE LI
Plaster orthopedic "BANG DE LI
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