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Photosensor active FD (FDA)

Photosensor active FD (FDA)

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The FD photosensor, with the built - in signaling device of burning, is used in schemes of protection and the alarm system to continuous control of existence of a flame in the torches working at all types of fuel. The sensor is structurally executed in the form of the dural cylinder with cooling edges, on the one hand which, there is a sensitive element, and about other flange and a klemmnik for connection. The aluminum having low calorific ability allows to cool the photosensor better. Edges increase the surface of cooling, than even more increase efficiency of cooling of the photosensor. The sensor can fasten in the special tube established in a copper brickwork envelope or on the gorelochny device, at distance of 1 - 1,2 m from a nozzle. The sensor carries out transformation of a pulsation of light energy of a flame to change of resistance, and a burning signaling device. Will transform it to the operating signal, switching contacts of the relay. To serve as a sensitive element the photo diode


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Photosensor active FD (FDA)
Photosensor active FD (FDA)
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