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Buy Peptide day White Mandarin cream Active regeneration the sprouted grains 40+anti-age
Peptide day White Mandarin cream Active regeneration the sprouted grains 40+anti-age

Peptide day White Mandarin cream Active regeneration the sprouted grains 40+anti-age

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandWhite Mandarin
  • Application timesDay
After 40 years already more active cosmetics with expressed regenerating, the deep moistening and tightening action joins. Care of face skin of the White Mandarin trademark of The Sprouted Grains series offers unique peptide creams which main goal is intensive regeneration and rejuvenation of skin.

Peptides - substances of an organic origin which consist of the amino acids connected by peptide communication. Presence at cosmetics of peptides revitalizes a cage and promotes its restoration.

Uniqueness of peptides:

Prevention of formation of cross stitchings and stimulation of formation of collagen;

Increase in elasticity of skin;

Stimulation of processes of regeneration, reduction of inflammations;

Contribution to synthesis of glikozaminoglikan (is responsible for effective moistening);

Microblood circulation restoration;

Activization of a superoksiddismutaza (SOD) (protects cells of skin from oxidizing destruction);

Increase of natural mechanisms of antioxidant protection;

Control of a melanogenez (formation of melanin).

Thanks to peptides skin is restored from within then long time keeps elasticity and freshness.

New peptide day White Mandarin cream with magnificent velvet texture of especially strong action intensively moistens skin, considerably accelerates cell regeneration, has the excellent tightening effect, smoothes wrinkles and strengthens a face form, does skin gently elastic and smooth.


- Accelerates cell regeneration that promotes extension of their youth.

- Smoothes wrinkles and strengthens a face form.

- Gives vital energy and elasticity of skin.

- Protects from harmful effects of environment and free radicals.

Active components:

olive oil, mango oil, aminopeptide, dioxide of the titan, skvalan, scale orizanol from rice bran, hitozan, extract of bark of a pine seaside, extract of the sprouted grains: oats, wheat, corn, barley and rye; glycyrrhiza root extract, extract of flowers of a hollyhock, extract of cones of hop, extract of flowers of arnica, ivy extract, clover extract, extract of seeds of a carob tree, Nonie's juice, grapes polyphenols, composition of natural essential oils patchoulis, ylang-ylang, vetiver and ambroksan of a sage.

Extract of arnica contains the substances which cannot independently be produced by skin but necessary for it for excellent health, and also - the substances "training" skin of the resilience increasing its local immunity, concrete remarkable results of application of means with arnica extract: Fresh and "vigorous" skin, elimination of reddenings, irritations, hypostases, the guaranteed normalization of a salovydeleniye of skin, stimulation of a detoxication of skin (disposal of slags), visual rejuvenation of skin, increase of local immunity of skin and improvement of its resilience to stresses.

Ivy extract perfectly deletes surplus of liquids from fabrics, also improves a skin lymphatic drainage, effectively removing toxins and slags. And than skin is cleaner internally, and not just outside, that her youth will longer last. Thus, extract of an ivy helps skin to remain young and beautiful.

Its antimicrobic and calming properties find application in cosmetics for fat skin.

Extract of an ivy is suitable for skin of any type as normalizes fat content of skin, moistens skin, stimulates formation of its new cages, tightens, removes puffiness, tones up, and also is used for treatment of solar burns and elimination of cellulitis. Ivy extract also protects skin from negative factors of environment.

Clover extract: the clover contains just the ocean of useful substances, it is 31 izoflavon, polysaccharides, important fatty acids, tannins, minerals (copper, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium), vitamins, saponina, kumarinovy acid, carbohydrates, etc. All this and many other substances of a clover make means of incomprehensibly first-class action, namely:

Bleaching of age spots and prevention of their emergence.

Elimination of inflammations and irritations of skin.

Elimination of consequences of photodermatitis.

Natural UV filter.

Smoothing of wrinkles.

Increase of elasticity and elasticity of skin.

Fight against psoriasis.

Elimination of spots on skin and alignment of color.

Fine antioxidant action, extension of youth and fight against development of an old age.

Extract of seeds of a rozhkovy dereva:semen of a carob tree are rich with potassium, calcium, polysaccharides and vitamins of group B. Polysaccharides possess surprisingly strong moistening activity. And rather moistened skin long remains young that is a fine method from wrinkles

Method of application: Carefully apply with finger-tips in the morning a small amount of cream on the cleared face skin and necks on massage lines.


Volume: 50 ml





White Mandarin

"White Mandarin" is a new trademark of natural cosmetics of the Ukrainian producer of LLC ChOYS.

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Peptide day White Mandarin cream Active regeneration the sprouted grains 40+anti-age
Peptide day White Mandarin cream Active regeneration the sprouted grains 40+anti-age
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