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Healthy and well-groomed legs — one of components of the general health of the person. And it concerns both women, and men. Classical or as it is called still, the cut pedicure stood at the origins of origin of this service as from it and professional care of legs began to develop. If to tell more precisely, then the pedicure is the whole system of care of legs and stupnyama which allows to support a healthy condition of nails and skin of fingers and a foot. High heels, synthetic socks, tights, inconvenient and narrow footwear all this is reflected in a state by a foot. And thereof there are such problems as: perspiration, natoptysh, cracks and callosities. About 90% of clients of beauty shops have various problems connected with legs, with some of them professional leaving helps to cope. So pedicure it not only coloring of nails and pridavany to them forms. It is a full course on care of legs which main objective is: softening of the coarsened skin of feet and soft removal of the top layers of an epithelium, processing of the grown nails, and other deformations of nails, data of callosities, prevention of fungal diseases, processing of a cuticle, and of course — massage of feet therefore the general tone of an organism improves and the mood is lightened.
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