Buy Pcheloprodukt - tincture of propolis of 10%
Pcheloprodukt - tincture of propolis of 10%

Pcheloprodukt - tincture of propolis of 10%

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Propolis - one of the most interesting waste products of bees which is turning out as a result of processing by them of allocations of the dismissed buds of trees, mainly birches, a poplar, an alder, a willow, a chestnut. Working bees skusyvat resinous part of kidneys and bring it in an obnozhka together with pollen in a beehive where transfer to so-called "propolisny bees". The last knead weight, add wax, mix with pollen and a secret of salivary glands.
Polish with propolis of a bee cellular cells in which it is grown up rasplod, immure the wreckers who made the way in a beehive and destroyed, reduce an opening a letka, fill in cracks in a beehive. But the main purpose of propolis - protection of bees against defeats by microorganisms of a bacterial, virus and fungal origin.

Out of a beehive propolis is a dense elastic, wax-like weight (in summertime easily warms up fingers) dark green, grayish or blackish-green color. A propolis smell the pleasant, reminding smell is fresher than some resinous deciduous greens, honey, fragrant herbs, needles, a poplar. When burning the incense smell appears.
After a while propolis becomes more dense, loses a smell and gets more dark, sometimes black coloring. Taste at it slightly burning, specific - the bitterish, reminding taste of buds of trees.
More than 50 substances are a part of propolis. They are united in four groups: pitches, balms, essential oils, wax. Small amounts in propolis contain many vitamins. Also the composition of mineral substances is various.
It is recommended to store propolis in the dark, cool room. The correct storage of propolis till 10 years does not reduce the content of its active connections.
The general biological activity of propolis still does not manage to be connected with any separate substance or group of related substances. Most likely it is caused by action of all complex of the chemical compounds which are available in propolis.
Propolis possesses bactericidal, virusotsidny, antifungal, anesthetizing, anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties. The anesthetizing (anesthetizing) force of 0,25% spirit solution of propolis surpasses effect of cocaine by 3,5 time, and novocaine - by 5,2 times.
TINCTURE of PROPOLIS is USED FOR the SOLUTION of DIFFERENT PROBLEMS AND DISEASES: AT STOMACH DISEASES, GASTRITISES, KIShEChNO - GASTRIC INFECTIONS AND VOMITINGS PROPOLIS is APPLIED IN the FOLLOWING FORM: To take inside 10% spirit tincture of propolis on 15 - 20 drops on water, boiled milk 3 times a day for 1 - 1,5 h to food within 18 - 20 days. In 1 - 2 weeks to repeat a course of treatment.

AT VEGETOSOSUDISTY DYSTONIA: take 20% tincture on 10 - 30 drops in a glass of water, 3 times a day before food, within 15-20 days. Treatment is expedient to repeat each 3 – 4 months.

AT COUGH, PURULENT QUINSY: to rinse an oral cavity three times a day. 10 - 15 drops of tincture on half a glass of warm water.




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Pcheloprodukt - tincture of propolis of 10%
Pcheloprodukt - tincture of propolis of 10%
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