Buy Paint industrial on metal and a rust of Direct To Metal (USA)
Paint industrial on metal and a rust of Direct To Metal (USA)

Paint industrial on metal and a rust of Direct To Metal (USA)

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Technical characteristics
  • Basis of the enamelAnticorrosive
** Colors: ** Red, Brown, Green, Blue, White Opaque, White Glossy, Black Glossy, Black Opaque, Aluminium, Gold, Yellow, Orange
Direct to Metal Enamel Anticorrosive enamel on metal
** Description: ** Direct to Metal Enamel - quality enamel of an industrial and household purpose. The covering blocks effect of moisture and air on metal, a tree and a stone. The covering is resistant both to atmospheric action, and to influence of chemical vapors of moderate concentration, maintains easy abrasive loadings. High protection against a rust when drawing in one layer. Resists to cracking, flaking, decolouration. Excellent elasticity. Enamel is suitable for updating and protection of metals, a tree and a stone laying. For external and internal works. Advantages: Resistance to impact of a rain, fog, moisture. Excellent heat resistance up to the temperature of 149 C. High luster, good covering ability. A possibility of drawing on a rust without priming.
** Scope **: Use on metal, wooden and other usual surfaces, including nonporous plasters. To be applied on aluminum without preliminary priming.
** It is ideal for **: Heavy cars, tractors, lorries, freight elevators, conveyors, tanks, silage towers, derricks and the equipment, bridges, concrete and stone surfaces, frame steel structures, pipelines, metal roofs, the forged products, steel frames, metal and wooden doors and so forth.
** Characteristics **: Basis Alkidny polymer Solvent Mineral alcohols, xylol Expense when drawing by a brush of sq.m/l 10-12 (0,05 mm a dry layer) Drying time to an otlip 3-4 hours Full polymerization of 7 days Drawings the second layer Within 8 hours or after 24 hours for avoidance of a raising of paint Operation temperature From - 40 C To + 149 C Storage temperature From + 4 C to + 49 C Packing of Bank of 0.946 l - 1.3 kg, 3.78 l - 4,91 kg Period of storage Is suitable (in original packing) within 5 years
** Preparation of a surface: ** The processed surface has to be pure, dry and free from dirt, dust, a friable rust and other lagging behind particles. Remove the exfoliated rust, oil, fat and other dirt with a scraper, a metal brush, an emery paper or any other way. Degrease a surface gasoline or acetone, wash out water with detergent and carefully dry. Putting soil is not required during the work with the majority of surfaces. Soil is recommended to be applied at a covering of the raw metal, on cracks and seams.
Period of storage of paint - 5 years. Producer: AERVOE, USA
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Paint industrial on metal and a rust of Direct To Metal (USA)
Paint industrial on metal and a rust of Direct To Metal (USA)
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