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Packaging for the pochvosmesa

Packaging for the pochvosmesa

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Ukraine, Kharkov
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Technical characteristics
  • BrandСобственное производство
  • Country of manufactureUkraine
  • MaterialHigh density polyethylene
  • Volume1;1.5;2;3;5;7;10;15;20;30 L
  • Sizeлюбые µm
  • ColorБелый,глубой,синий,желтый,зеленый.....
  • Densityот 20-200 g/m²
  • Type of sackOpen

The LLC Polimer Druk company makes packages and bags for pochvosmesy of polyethylene with the multi - color and full - color flexographic press. We make plastic bags, packages with fleksopechatyyudlya a manual upakovkiya a film sfleksografsky pechatyyudlyaupakovochny automatic machines. You mozhetepodrobny to get acquainted with our technological capabilities. In bags of our production it is possible upakovatlyuby mixes, fertilizers, additives, etc. production intended dlyaroznichny sale. Plastic bags with a capacity of 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 kg are irreplaceable for small wholesale trade. It is convenient to overload, take out them from a warehouse, to release to buyers.

Operational advantages of films, bags from polymeric materials consist in their moisture resistance, a parostoykost that is especially important for storage of production in them on the open areas, and also in resistance to influence of various weather conditions, mechanical influences. Polymeric films, packages, bags have higher impact strength and durability, small weight.

Ispolzovaniyepolimerny bags promotes creation of waste - free production as material of which they are made - polyethylene can be exposed to a regranulyation (recirculation) and to repeatedly serve as full - fledged raw materials for release of new bags.

As the main material for production of bags serves the hose film of brand M in accordance with GOST 10354 - 82, received when processing polyethylene of the low density (high pressure). Production of bags and packages from polyethylene of other brands is possible.

For packing of some types of production there is an opportunity to make the "breathing" bag with perforation.

Raznoobraznoyeprimeneniye send thick polyethylene films and in agriculture. For increase in productivity, sokhraneniyaopredelenny humidity, temperature condition of greenhouses and the soil, a populyarnyplenka of dark flowers. Mulching - use of the film coverings laid directly on soil at cultivation of plants. When mulching tasks can be solved: - economy of water due to deduction of moisture under a film - protection of the growing plants - preservations of structure of the soil - temperature increase of the soil - elimination of weeds - sunlight reflections. Results of correctly made mulching:

- dynamic growth of a harvest - healthier plants - decrease in use of pesticides - early maturing of a harvest - a good trade dress of production. So far in Ukraine two types of mulching - transparent and black are rather widespread. At the same time in agrarian developed countries allocate more than 7 types of mulching with features inherent in each look.

Imeey esthetic external vidpolietilenovy packing was widely adopted in daily a zhizniprakticheska all products are packed.

Bags plastic bags, PEVD/PEND film with the flexographic press and a logo (trademark) for

Fasovkiupakovki of a zapayka of zatarkiroznichny sale, storage and transportation

bags for

packages for


paper bags for

packing for

undershirt for

banana for

plastic bags for

PE a package for

film for

PEVD/PEND bag for

package for a zatarka

film capacity for storage

bag for transportation

colored bag for

full - color packages for

multi - color packing for

to fleksopechat on packing for

the flexographic press on paper bags for


Biologicheskikhstimulyatorov Biostimulyatorov

biological fertilizers

Vermi of Vermiculite compost


Soil for seedling

Soil for lawns and beds

Soil for greenhouses

Soil for violets (cactuses, marantovy, dragon trees, monsteras)

Soil for coniferous plants,

Soil for flowers, flower soil

Soil vegetable

Humus (humus connections)





Kokosovogogrunta, fibers



Sphagnum moss


Pochvosmeiseydlya of cultivation of seedling and vegetable cultures


Pochvosmeseys micro and macrocells

Smeseydlya of houseplants

Smeseydlya of landing, (changes) of house flowers

Smeseydlya of flower and decorative cultures


Mixes for a hydroponics

Mixes with minerals


growth factors


Torfanizinnogo of riding




Ecological bezopasnykhorganicheskikhsmesy

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Packaging for the pochvosmesa
Packaging for the pochvosmesa
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