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Ukraine, Dnipro
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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureUkraine
  • Melting point-183°С °C

Oxygen technical and medical in the liquefied look from PAO to "Linda Gaz Ukraina"

Oxygen - gas without color, taste and smell, supports life and burning. At reaction with other chemical elements forms oxides. Heavier than air, we will poorly dissolve in water. The atmosphere contains 21% oxygen and. Temperature of boiling of oxygen of -183 °C.

The main use of oxygen is based on its property to sustain combustion and life. Oxygen is widely applied as combustible gas in melting furnaces, to roasting, to welding and cutting of metals. In chemical industry oxygen is used as raw materials, in the paper industry as the bleaching agent. In medicine oxygen is widely used for support of life of patients and oxygen therapy.


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Oxygen liquid
Oxygen liquid
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