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Outdoor advertizing

Outdoor advertizing

Ukraine, Poltava
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Production of elements of visual advertizing for objects of different function:
- Signs;
- Letters volume case with internal and external illumination;
- Letters integral (in material thickness) from various sheet materials;
- A box light (lightboxes) with a front surface from various
light-transmitting materials for wall, nadkryshny and console installation;
- Poles advertizing separate with internal and external illumination;
- Bigborda;
- Elements of visual communications: pavement sign, indexes, plates, schemes, price tags, etc.
- Akrilayta (advertizing with face illumination);
- Drawing advertizing images on various surfaces self-adhesive PVC a film of different types;
- Production of a wide range of products on an engraving frezerovochnom the AXYZ 6010 machine;
- Plotterny cutting self-adhesive film PVC, drawing linear drawings on a cardboard and paper by means of high-precision Roland CX-400 pro;
- Production of advertizing and architectural structures for gas station, AGZS, other objects of different function:
- Friezes of various form for buildings, constructions and canopies over Broadcasting Company from
aluminum composite material with external neon illumination;
- Promotional and informational friezes with internal illumination by luminescent lamps;
- The promotional and informational planes from the banner vinyl fabric tense on a metalframework with external illumination by lamps of a directional light;

- Columns of various form of any complexity from the metalframework revetted with aluminum composite material;
- Elements of a facade, an interior and an exterior (portals, pilasters, poles, consoles, arches, the coats of arms, etc.) with facing by aluminum composite material with a wide color and impressive palette;
- Volume letters and signs with a diameter up to 2 meters, with the front surface made of light-transmitting plastic with internal illumination by luminescent lamps;
- The volume letters and signs of the big sizes made of the synthetic fabric tense on a metal framework with internal illumination by their luminescent lamps for wall and nadkryshny installation;
- The advertizing structures with illumination from neon tubes of various flowers;
- Separate advertizing structures of different function information steles, "totemic" masts, movement direction signs, etc.;

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Outdoor advertizing
Outdoor advertizing
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