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OSB of 3 - 10 mm

OSB of 3 - 10 mm

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Technical characteristics
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OSB - 3 plate

High technical parameters of a plate are explained by fibration of wood, a vyravneniye of shchep flat in layers and coupling of long shchep, and by means of their treatment glue and a parafinny emulsion reach high resistance to the changing weather conditions.

The plate of OSB differs in uniform internal structure, and both surfaces are identical on quality.

The plate is easily processed, in a consequence of what tools wear out less. Thanks to big wear resistance of a plate there are no problems when fastening screws and construction brackets.

The plate of OSB differs in stability of forms, high resistance to the changing weather conditions, to blows, muffling of sounds, in a pliability to processing and processing. The microstructure of the linked shchep protects edges of a plate from an oblamyvaniye at connection of edges nails and gives rigidity and resistance to a bend and cutting are very important characteristics in skeletal construction.

The plate of OSB contains over 90% of wood. It is issued from specially processed trunks of the pine trees of small diameter acquired first of all from the pro - cabin of the woods. They are exposed to an okorka, and then are completely split up for flat spills (the approximate sizes: length - 100 mm, thickness - 0,6 mm and various width, depending on from what part of a trunk were received). Strips of shchep in OSB plate in external layers settle down in parallel to its length, and in internal - perpendicularly. High technical parameters of a plate of OSB are explained by fibration of wood, a vyravneniye of flat shchep in layers and coupling of long shchep. By means of their treatment glue and a parafinny emulsion reach high resistance to the changing weather conditions.


OSB plate thanks to resistance to influence of the moisture which is contained in air, to low water absorption capacity and swelling is in great demand in construction of houses on "skeletal" technology. OSB has the corresponding technical parameters in the field of the stability guaranteeing rigidity and firmness of a design of the building.

OSB is a material of a wood origin - future material which can be used in many branches of human activity - here the main advantages of this tile.

The plate is ideal for
- roofs;
- external and internal walls;
- internal walls;
- floors;
- overlappings;
- constructional elements:
- the bearing and dvutavrovy beams;
- dvutavrovy beams;
- decorative finishing.

The plate of OSB can be used as well in other branches, namely - as a basis under a bituminous tile or other coverings of roofs, instead of a traditional timbering, repairs and adaptation of construction, for floors, walls - partitions, podshivny ceilings, a construction of ladders, landings, a timbering of concrete platforms or external ladders, temporary protections of building sites, closing of construction apertures (a door, a window), constructions of transport boxes and pallets, designs of racks, racks, exhibition stands, performance of walls in campings, barracks and containers, buildings of rooms by the ships and in railway cars (walls - partitions, ceilings, etc. ). And also in quality: the bearing plates for a parabosom (expanded polystyrene), furniture shelves, counters, table - tops, internal window sills, elements in upholstered furniture, constructional elements at construction of arbors and summer lodges, as basic material for wall panels.


As a plate of OSB of a wood origin it can be used in many design decisions. It is alternative of boards, chipboard plywood. Wide choice of formats and thickness. Important argument at the choice of a plate of OSB is a small amount of glue in a plate therefore the plate is classified and belongs to the hygienic class E1.

The plate of OSB is a revolutionary step towards construction from a tree. The houses built on "skeletal" technology with use of plates of OSB.

- ecological pure;
- have high rates of energy saving;
- cheaper in construction and operation;
- durable, i. e. for many years;
- short deadlines of construction - construction of object within several weeks.

Thanks to advantages of a plate of OSB of the building one - and a large - family "skeletal" design, are under construction much quicker and cost much cheaper. The houses built in such a way will serve several decades. Such designs maintain even strong earthquakes. If floors, walls and columns of "skeletal" houses are correctly condensed, then such houses can be warmed in the easy and economical way. The indicator of penetration of heat (To) for the wall made in "skeletal" system depends on a look and thickness of the used insulating material. The built houses with application of a plate of OSB are 20% cheaper, than on traditional technology.

OSB is an ideal tile for a timbering of roofs, as with direct edges, and milled. For plates with the milled edges installation is carried out is not dependent on arrangement of rafters. At installation of plates with direct regions of the place of joining demand use of linings.

Plates of OSB should not be exposed to adverse weather conditions more, than three months, and the arisen otsyreniye it is necessary to be to dry up before closing of a design.


Esthetics. Plates of OSB do not change the form under the influence of the moisture which is airborne as it happens, on an example, to a board. Thanks to the big density of a plate and fibration of a tree it is possible to attach without effort a plate by means of nails, screws and brackets. The big density of a covering allows to leave 3 - 5 mm of broad cracks between plates. OSB coverings plates, durable without obligatory preservation. The small mass and ease of a covering and ease of a konstrution of a roof, simple installation, a possibility of independent installation of a timbering, almost waste - free use of material, availability of various formats in standard production, a postoyannost of parameters. The plate does not change the mechanical qualities on condition of isolation it from direct influence of weather conditions. The sheets OSB stiffen a roof design.


Before application of a plate of OSB it is necessary to remember: direction of properties of a plate. Sizes plates, different for the main and collateral axis. In building constructions only the main axis has to give in to tension on a bend. The bearing axis easily raspoznavtsya on seen on a surface to the directions along shavings. The collateral bearing axis equals stability of a standard plate of a chipboard * perhaps, in exceptional circumstances, emergence of the center of mushrooms and a mold at nezabespechenny edges of a plate, in so - called pro - saws. These small shortcomings of a plate, it is possible to exclude, using special technology of installation and protection.

Whether has skeletal construction of a problem with moisture?

This problem exists, generally in the Polish mass media. Actually in Scandinavia or America where the technology of a wooden skeleton in construction takes a leading place, neither experts, nor at consumers have no claims. Of course, removal of moisture from the house in "skeletal" construction has priority value for the harmless and warm atmosphere of the apartment. Therefore follows at a design stage, to consider system of ventilation and heating. Otsyreniye and condensation of water vapor is a typical physical effect which it is possible to warn using the appropriate construction technology. If the executing firm or the investor forgets about this problem, then it is easy to expect effect of an otsyreniye.

* Stability and rigidity of a plate on the main bearing axis 2,5 times are more, than stability and rigidity of a plate in the collateral bearing axis.

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OSB of 3 - 10 mm
OSB of 3 - 10 mm
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