Buy Olive wild (the sucker narrow-leaved) — saplings, Ukraine
Olive wild (the sucker narrow-leaved) — saplings, Ukraine

Olive wild (the sucker narrow-leaved) — saplings, Ukraine

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Ukraine, Konstantinovka
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It is simply amazing to what there are a lot of names at this plant: wild olive, lokhovina, silver tree, lokhovnik, willow maslyanichny, butterdish, northern date. The modern name - the sucker silvery.
Listopadny bush or small tree, up to 4 m high, with shirokoraskidisty krone. Bark on old trees grayish - brown, escapes brown - red from henna - red scales, beskolyuchkovy. Leaves ovoid or oblong lantsetnye, 2 - 10 cm long, leathery, silvery on both sides, on the lower party with brown scales. Fragrant flowers in bosoms of leaves on 1 - 3, small, hanging, outside silvery, inside yellow, on small pedicels. Duration of blossoming is 15 - 20 days. Fruits oval or spherical, up to 1,2 cm long, with mealy, dryish, sweet pulp, densely covered with silvery scales. Taste of a fruit very harmonious reminds sweet cowberry, however the stone fruit makes the most part of a fruit.

Is winter - hardy, more frost - resistant, than the sucker narrow - leaved, is photophilous, but is less drought - resistant. It is unpretentious to soil conditions, successfully grows on sandy, strongly opodzolenny sandy loams and loams. It is steady against a smoke and gases. Well transfers change and cutting. Differs in quite slow growth and ability to expand at the expense of plentiful root young growth. Breeds seeds, shanks and root offsprings. At change from sowing office in school of cultivation needs a scrap.
It is decorative silvery leaves, a form of growth and fruits. It is especially good in contrast compositions in combination with krasnolistny and golden forms, coniferous breeds, in single and group landing, in the form of green hedges. Fine breed for fixing of slopes

Bees annually visit flowers of the sucker and work for them almost entire period of blossoming. Collect generally nectar, partly and pollen. Obnozhka pale cream color. Are located by Nektarniki in the depth of a nimbus and represent a ferruterous ring around a column.

It should be noted that well prepared strong families by the beginning of blossoming can give up to 16 kg of monoflerny honey from the sucker.

Thus, bribes from this plant promotes construction of sot, accumulation of force of families to the main medosbor, and strong families give products. The value of the sucker also that it blossoms in the second half of May — the beginning of June when still it is not enough plants emitting nectar.

But the main wealth of the sucker — golden, with pleasant delicate aroma and excellent taste medical. It long time does not crystallize and is good at winter to bees. All who tried this honey distinguished its fine taste and color. Sending over the country and wholesale is possible

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Olive wild (the sucker narrow-leaved) — saplings, Ukraine
Olive wild (the sucker narrow-leaved) — saplings, Ukraine
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