Buy OL magnetic conductor on TUU of 31.1-23082489-004-2005 g
OL magnetic conductor on TUU of 31.1-23082489-004-2005 g

OL magnetic conductor on TUU of 31.1-23082489-004-2005 g

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Ukraine, Nikolaev
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OL magnetic conductor.

Twisted toroidal magnetic conductor

We make OL magnetic conductors on TUU of 31.1-23082489-004-2005 g. From anisotropic electrotechnical steel of brand 3406? 3409 in accordance with GOST 21427.1-83 thickness — 0,3 mm and brand 3421? 3425 in accordance with GOST 21427.4-83 thickness — 0,08-0,15 mm, with power from 0,7 W to 2000 W with magnetic induction not less than 1,6 T at intensity of the field no more than 0,3 And/cm and specific magnetic losses no more than 2,0 W/kg

We make a magnetic conductor according to the specification of the customer with geometrical sizes in limits:
outer diameter of "D" to 175 mm;
internal diameter of "d" is from 20 mm;
height (tape width) of "H" from 10 to 50 mm;
standard width: 10 mm, 16 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 32 mm, 40 mm, 45 mm, 50 mm

For throttles of saturation we make OL magnetic conductors with an air gap on a magnetic flux from 0,5 mm to 2,5 mm

Example of designation of a magnetic conductor at the order:

Magnetic conductor of OL 105h75h50 TUU31.1-23082489-004-2005 of

105 - outer diameter - D
75 - internal diameter - d

50 - height (tape width) — H

Tiporazmerny ryadtipd, mmd, mmn, mm
OL 20Х40Х25204025
OL 20Х40Х16204016
OL 25Х40Х20254020
OL 25Х40Х25254025
OL 25Х44Х20254420
OL 25Х50Х20255020
OL 28Х44Х25284425
OL 28Х48Х25284825
OL 30Х45Х20304520
OL 30Х50Х16305016
OL 30Х50Х20305020
OL 30Х50Х25305025
OL 30Х50Х40305040
OL 30Х70Х20307020
OL 30Х70Х30307030
OL 32Х50Х16325016
OL 32Х52Х16325216
OL 32Х54Х32325432
OL 34Х50Х25345025
OL 34Х52Х40345240
OL 34Х54Х30345430
OL 34Х60Х25346025
OL 35Х48Х20354820
OL 36Х56Х16365616
OL 36Х60Х16366016
OL 40Х57Х32405732
OL 40Х58Х30405830
OL 40Х60Х20406020
OL 40Х64Х16406416
OL 40Х64Х20406420
OL 40Х64Х25406425
OL 40Х64Х30406430
OL 40Х70Х25407025
OL 40Х75Х25407525
OL 40Х85Х25408525
OL 40Х90Х20409020
OL 44Х70Х25447025
OL 44Х80Х25448025
OL 45Х75Х25457525
OL 45Х75Х40457540
OL 45Х75Х50457550
OL 50Х80Х16508016
OL 50Х80Х20508020
OL 50Х80Х25508025
OL 50Х80Х30508030
OL 50Х80Х40508040
OL 50Х90Х32509032
OL 50Х95Х25509525
OL 60Х100Х256010025
OL 60Х100Х306010030
OL 60Х100Х406010040
OL 60Х110Х306011030
OL 60Х110Х406011040
OL 60Х110Х506011050
OL 60Х120Х406012040
OL 60Х140Х406014040
OL 60Х150Х406015040
OL 70Х120Х407012040
OL 70Х130Х407013040
OL 80Х140Х508014050

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OL magnetic conductor on TUU of 31.1-23082489-004-2005 g
OL magnetic conductor on TUU of 31.1-23082489-004-2005 g
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