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Oksizin (20 ml)

Oksizin (20 ml)

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  • Country of manufactureUkraine

Oksizin is the complex organic composition received by fermentation of treacle of sugar beet, does not contain the bacteria, alcohol harmful or genetically modified substances.


processing of fossils, manure and dung for fast receiving organic fertilizers;
processing of latrines for the purpose of destruction of a smell, the accelerated processing of excrements and increase in depth of their processing;
processing of compost pits for the purpose of acceleration and depth of processing of compost;
cleaning of collecting pipes and settlers;
cleaning of skins of animals of fat;
improvement of a sanitary and hygienic condition of storages of municipal solid waste (the smell disappears, helminths are destroyed, processing process accelerates, processing depth increases);

processing of oil slime in shlamokhranilishcha at oil refinery and in places of cleaning of railway tanks;

for cleaning: capacities, processing equipment of the overworking and food industry, reservoirs, sewage, the soil from organic pollutants, oil and oil products;

deactivations of the equipment of the NPP;

processings of medical waste; washing of places of public use and railway transport;

as means for elimination of spots of gasoline, diesel fuel and oils at gas station.

improvement of a sanitary and hygienic state (the smell vanishes) in production shops of meat - processing plants, milk plants, food and flavoring factories. Rats and insects disappear since the smell which allures them disappears
as an emergency stock in ports on a case of the emergency passage fuels and lubricants
environmentally friendly solvent of organic chemistry

Oksizin has in structure special additives for improvement of growth of bacteria in a substratum in which it is brought. The preparation decomposes organic compounds and breaks process of an attraction of pollution to surfaces by neutralization of internal electrostatic forces.

Being made from natural raw materials, the preparation is absolutely safe for the person and environment. All its ingredients of an organic origin also easily decay. Oksizin is not toxic, does not irritate skin, does not cause rash and burns, does not contain combustible materials, is inexplosive and can be used near naked flame. Besides, Oksizin does not emit gases and can be stored in badly ventilated rooms. At the correct use it is safe for human health, animals, fishes and vegetation.

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Oksizin (20 ml)
Oksizin (20 ml)
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