Buy NP ammophos 12:52 (bag of 50 kg)
NP ammophos 12:52 (bag of 50 kg)

NP ammophos 12:52 (bag of 50 kg)

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NP ammophos 12: 52 (bag of 50 kg) The price - the 450th UAH/bag

Ammophos or monoammonium phosphate.
Ammophos, NH4H2PO4, (N12, P52) - the high - concentrated granulated nitrogen - phosphorus fertilizer in which nitrogen is presented by an ammoniyny form. Ammophos is made by method of neutralization of phosphoric acid ammonia. A release form - granules.
MAF is applied on all views of soils, under all crops, is suitable as for the main introduction (in the spring with crops, in the fall under a perepashka), and for podkormok during the entire period of vegetation of plants, can will be applied in the conditions of the protected soil.
Ammophos, MAF - is the concentrated, mineral, granulated fertilizer containing two basic nutritious elements necessary for food of plants - nitrogen and phosphorus. MAF possesses good physical and chemical properties, is not hygroscopic, does not slezhivatsya, does not raise dust, has the leveled particle size distribution, we will well dissolve in water. It is physiologically neutral, rn 5.5 - 6.5. The product is loose, it is processed by the anti - dust agent.
MAF is well compatible to other fertilizers and is widely used for a tukosmesheniye.
Ammophos is nontoxical, the fire and is explosion - proof. Store ammophos in the closed warehouse.
Supply of ammophos is carried out by railway and motor transport in the packaged look - in bags or in soft " big - bag containers".

We carry out delivery across all Ukraine.

Characteristics the Main
Type of fertilizer: Ammophos
Preparativny form: Granules

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NP ammophos 12:52 (bag of 50 kg)
NP ammophos 12:52 (bag of 50 kg)
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