Buy NOVOFERT of Un_versal water-soluble fertilizer
NOVOFERT of Un_versal water-soluble fertilizer

NOVOFERT of Un_versal water-soluble fertilizer

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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureUkraine
  • CompositionMineral

NOVOFERT of Un_versal water-soluble fertilizer with minerals, is applied to all species of crops. This fertilizer has the greatest possible ratio of batteries (NPK) that allows to develop in proportion both root system, and a stalk, and a sheet surface, thereby having prepared a plant for fructification. 100% the water-soluble, non-chlorine fertilizer containing the balanced complex of all necessary macrocells: nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K), magnesium (Mg), sulfur (S) and minerals: copper (Cu), iron (Fe), zinc (Zn), manganese (Mn) on a helatny basis of EDTA increasing coefficient of assimilation of batteries to 90-95%. And also, the composition of fertilizer included molybdenum (Mo) and pine forest (B).

Structure: NPK 20-20-20+ MGO 1+S 1+ME (Fe - 0,07% of Cu - 0,05% of Mn - 0,029% of Zn - 0,023% of Mo - 0,0028% B - 0,028%)

Advantages of fertilizer:

  • the balanced ratio macro - and minerals:
  • more rapid initial growth:
  • decrease in a porazhayemost bacterial zabolevannyam, resistance to sharp fluctuations of temperatures;
  • possibility of the combined application practically with all means of protection of plants in one working solution, on condition of preliminary testing for lack of a deposit;
  • guarantee of high payback of expenses at application.

The Station wagon NOVOFERT fertilizer fills shortage of batteries at cultivation of cultures even on the most problem soils.

After harvesting it is necessary to make autumn processing of long-term cultures for compensation of the nutritious elements spent by plants during fructification (a garden wild strawberry, bushes, trees, fruit and berry, etc.), but no later than September. If fructification comes to the end in October-November, autumn top dressing is excluded.

Solution preparation: in 10 liters of water without chlorine (otstoyanny) to dissolve 2 measured spoons of fertilizer (1 measured spoon corresponds to 10 grams).

Introduction methods: drop irrigation, watering, spraying of a sheet surface. Also it is recommended to presoak in solution seeds for 2-3 hours before disembarkation in soil.

Expense: when watering 10 liters of solution it is enough for processing 5 sq.m of the area (when spraying an expense – 10 l on 200 sq.m of the area).


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NOVOFERT of Un_versal water-soluble fertilizer
NOVOFERT of Un_versal water-soluble fertilizer
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