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NOVOFERT of Plodov_ of a tree

NOVOFERT of Plodov_ of a tree

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NOVOFERT "Fruit-trees"  water-soluble fertilizer with minerals, is applied to all species of seeded and kostochkovy fruit-trees. This fertilizer has the greatest possible ratio of batteries (NPK) that allows to develop in proportion both root system, and a stalk, and a sheet surface, thereby having prepared a plant for fructification. 100% the water-soluble, non-chlorine fertilizer containing the balanced complex of all necessary macrocells: nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K), magnesium (Mg), sulfur (S) and minerals: copper (Cu), iron (Fe), zinc (Zn), manganese (Mn) on a helatny basis of EDTA increasing coefficient of assimilation of batteries to 90-95%. And also, the composition of fertilizer included molybdenum (Mo) and pine forest (B).

Structure: NPK 12-3-25+CaO 8 +Fe 0,8 + V 0,5+ME (Cu - 0,035% of Mn - 0,05% of Zn - 0,3% of Mo - 0,005%)


  • to preservation of rudimentary inflorescences;
  • to increase in productivity;
  • to ripening of fruits (their quality, a lezhkost and safety when transporting increases);
  • high content of calcium interferes with emergence of a bitter yamchatost, spottiness and cracking of fruits;
  • thanks to the balanced composition of fertilizer fruits intensively accumulate glucose, fructose, pectins, folic acid and vitamins;
  • processing by fertilizer eliminates a stress from use of means of protection of plants;
  • promotes increase zasukho-and frost resistance, increases immunity to fungal and bacterial diseases.

Solution preparation: in 10 l of water without chlorine (otstoyanny) to dissolve 3 measured spoons of fertilizer and to mix (1 measured spoon corresponds to 10 grams).

Introduction methods: drop irrigation, watering at the roots, spraying of a sheet surface. To make processing every 12-14 days right after mass blossoming of trees and before full ripening of fruits in morning or evening at ambient temperature not below +10 °C.

Expense: when watering 10 liters of solution it is enough for processing 5 sq.m of the area (when spraying an expense – 10 l on 200 sq.m of the area).

When replacing fruit-trees to wet root system of plants together with an earth lump in solution of the Novofert-Kornevin fertilizer for 4-12 hours or to add fertilizer solution to each hole on 5-10 liters.

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NOVOFERT of Plodov_ of a tree
NOVOFERT of Plodov_ of a tree
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