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NOVOFERT "Berry" water-soluble fertilizer with minerals, is applied to all types of berry cultures such as: garden wild strawberry, black and red currant, raspberry, gooseberry and so forth. 100% the water-soluble, non-chlorine fertilizer containing the balanced complex of all necessary elements – phosphorus (P), potassium (K), magnesium (Mg), sulfur (S) and minerals: copper (Cu), iron (Fe), zinc (Zn), manganese (Mn) on a helatny basis of EDTA increasing coefficient of assimilation of batteries to 90-95%. And also, the composition of fertilizer included molybdenum (Mo) and pine forest (B).


Structure: NPK 12-12-36+ MGO 1+S 1+ME (Fe - 0,07% of Cu - 0,05% of Mn - 0,029% of Zn - 0,023% of Mo - 0,0028% B - 0,029%)


It is recommended to apply after end of the period of blossoming. It is applied in the following phases of development of a plant:


— the end of blossoming – budding;


— laying of berries;


— beginning of maturing.


The best result is achieved when spraying a sheet surface each 12-14 days, since the end of blossoming and before full maturing. Thanks to the balanced structure accumulation of monosugars (glucose, fructose), pectins, the folic acid and vitamins useful to activity of the person is more intensively conducted. Promotes uniform formation and maturing of berries. Increases productivity, promotes accumulation of sugar and the accelerated maturing of a harvest. Prepares a plant for a wintering. Fertilizer reduces stress at plants from use of means of protection and adverse weather conditions. Reduces infection oidiumy, gray decay, a necrosis of vessels of wood. Fertilizer promotes increase in productivity and ripening of berries even at adverse weather conditions. Prevents fall of inflorescences, promotes a mortgaging of fruit kidneys which will form a harvest of the next year. Gives elasticity and safety during the transporting and storage.


It is necessary to make 1-2 top dressing for a mortgaging of the fruit kidneys forming a harvest of the next year the Berry NOVOFERT water-soluble sheet fertilizer right after harvesting.


At an initial stage of vegetation, – it is necessary to make 2-3 top dressing for stimulation of growth of young escapes and leaves the NOVOFERT fertilizer of Un_versal .


Solution preparation: in 10 liters of water without chlorine (otstoyanny) to dissolve 2 measured spoons of fertilizer (1 measured spoon corresponds to 10 grams).


Introduction methods: drop irrigation, watering, spraying of a sheet surface.


Expense: when watering 10 liters of solution it is enough for processing 5 sq.m of the area (when spraying an expense – 10 l on 200 sq.m of the area).


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