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Noriya from Perry of Oakley Ltd (England):

Noriya of industrial function are developed individually for each customer.

Three speeds to a hole of a yny tape for transportation of all range of materials: from grain crops to the granulated compound feed, dust and minerals.

• The noriya head shaft with the reel and the bearing assembled is easily dismantled from a noriya.

• The shaft is condensed with kapron or felt epiploons.

• In a standard complete set the reel of a head of a noriya is manufactured of an integral leaf, a boot drum planchaty ("a squirrel wheel").

• The big removable inspection panel for service and installation of a tape with ladles.

• The head and a boot of a noriya are equipped with big inspection doors for convenience of cleaning.

• Noriya options are available to seed grain: a special boot on legs for seed grain with a garbage tray for removal of the remains.

• Super Starco ladles from low-carbonaceous steel by default. Also they can be made from: 1) polyethylene of high density, 2) stainless steel, 3) a kaprolona (polyamide-6, high-shock-resistant material with high resistance to attrition).

• The Vzryvorazryadny panels corresponding to ATEX (the directive of the EU describing requirements to the equipment and work in potentially explosive environment) are available as an option.

• Rezinotkanevy noriyny tapes are structurally made on the basis of a framework from polyair - the ER polyamide fabric providing low relative lengthening and with external rubber facings of various types of rubbers (abrasion-resistant, heatresistant, oilproof, frost-resistant). Execution makes a reservation: 1) warm and oilproof, 2) for the food industry, 3) for very high temperatures.

• The design of a head of a noriya depends on the size of the used ladles to provide the maximum productivity of unloading.

• Several options of a design of the drive are capable to satisfy any customer: 1) klinoremenny transfer on the reducer mounted on a shaft, 2) the motor reducer with a chain and tooth gearing on a shaft, 3) the motor reducer mounted on a shaft.

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Noriya from England
Noriya from England
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