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Nitrogen in / h.

Nitrogen in / h.

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Nitrogen gaseous.

Qualitative characteristic

Typical Impurity N2 brand 5.0

(Purity not less than 99.999 about.)

N2 brand 4.6

(Purity not less than 99.996 about. %)

Hydrogen H2 ≤2.0 ppm ≤10.0 ppm
Oxygen + Argon
O2 + Ar
≤5.0 ppm ≤10.0 ppm
Sum of heavy hydrocarbons THC ≤2.0 ppm ≤10.0 ppm
Carbon dioxide + Carbon monoxide
CO2 + CO ≤1.0 ppm ≤5.0 ppm
Moisture H2O ≤2.0 ppm ≤5.0 ppm
Total most admissible level of impurity ≤10.0 ppm ≤40.0 ppm

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Nitrogen in / h.
Nitrogen in / h.
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