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Nitrogen gaseous
Nitrogen - diatomic gas which makes 78,09% of the terrestrial atmosphere on volume its insignificant part contains in air in the form of ammonia and oxides. It contains in all found biological life forms on the earth, and also in many organic and inorganic components.
Colourless and nontoxical, flavourless and taste, nitrogen, exists in the nature as nonflammable gas at normal temperatures and pressure. Nitrogen is slightly lighter than air therefore its concentration with height increases. When cooling to a boiling point it turns into colourless liquid which with a certain pressure and temperature becomes solid colourless crystal substance. Nitrogen slaborastvory in water and the majority of other liquids, is a bad conductor of electricity and heat.
The majority of uses of this gas is explained by its inert properties. However with high pressures and temperatures nitrogen reacts with some active metals, for example with lithium and magnesium, forming nitrides, and also with some gases, such as oxygen and hydrogen.
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Nitrogen gaseous
Nitrogen gaseous
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