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Nitrogen gaseous cylinder

Nitrogen gaseous cylinder

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Nitrogen is applied in many industries: as the inert environment at various chemical and metallurgical processes, at storage and transportation of easily oxidized products, at high-temperature processing of the metals which are not interacting with nitrogen, for preservation of the closed metal vessels and pipelines, for filling of free space in mercury thermometers, when pumping combustible liquids etc. Liquid nitrogen finds application in various refrigeration units.

Mining industry and metallurgy:

  • during the cryoroasting and a cryohardening of metals
  • for vacuum decontamination of fusions
  • as the inert environment for continuous pouring of steel
  • for etching by cold
  • as a power source in coal mines
  • as inert environment for filling of explosive mines


  • the inert environment for storage of foodstuff for storage of sperm of breeding animals of a frost of products in field conditions

Oil production:

  • as the safe working agent at a gas-lift way of oil production and at start of wells (substitute of compressed air) at accidents on oil pipelines (freezing of a rush)
  • for suppression of the fires on oil and gas a well
  • creation of cryoice platforms in the high sea or on weak soil for conducting drilling

Mechanical engineering and construction:

  • hardening of steel details and tools by method of low-temperature training
  • press fitting and vypressovka of the interfaced details cold
  • freezing of soil at construction of the subway, pipelines
  • vymorazhivaniye and removal of tiles
  • deep cooling of mineral raw materials for its subsequent thin grind (e.g., by production of cement of the superior quality)
  • at production of a tuff covering

Chemical and petrochemical industry:

  • chemical reactions in cryochemistry for receiving polymers
  • ethylene, polyethylene, propylene, polyformaldehyde etc., quality by production, for purification of explosive mixes
  • regenerative catalysts for storage and transportation of flammable liquids

Food industry:

  • for a freezing, transportation and storage of foodstuff


  • for preservation of blood and krovsoderzhashchy preparations
  • for fast freezing and storage of fabrics, various bodies
  • in technologies of receiving full-fledged powder medicines

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Nitrogen gaseous cylinder
Nitrogen gaseous cylinder
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