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Nitrogen in cylinders. In Kharkiv, on crossing of Gagarin Ave and Polevoy St. Gaseous and liquid nitrogen is made from atmospheric air by deep cooling. As a result, flavourless inert gas and colors turns out. Important property of nitrogen is that it does not exert negative impact on environment at all. Nitrogen in small concentration is nontoxical, however breath in the environment with oxygen content less than 19 is life-threatening.
Gaseous nitrogen is applied during creation of the so-called inert atmosphere at production, storage and delivery of quickly oxidized products, at high-temperature processing of the metals which are not interacting with nitrogen, and also to preservation of the closed metal vessels and pipelines. Nitrogen sometimes is simply irreplaceable in processes of a freezing of foodstuff. Transportation and sale of nitrogen is carried out in steel cylinders of average and small volume.
Spheres of use of nitrogen:
In metallurgy and the mining industry (at a cryohardening and cryoroasting of metals; at vacuum decontamination of fusions; in etching processes by cold; for continuous pouring of steel; as an effective power source in coal mines; as environment for filling of explosive mines)
In agriculture (for creation of the necessary environment of storage of foodstuff, sperm of breeding animals, and also at a freezing of products in field conditions)
In oil production (at a gas-lift way of oil production; at start of wells; freezing of rushes at accidents on oil pipelines; for effective suppression of the fires on gas and oil wells; for creation in the high sea or on weak soil of cryoice platforms for conducting drilling)
In construction and mechanical engineering (hardening of details and tools from steel by method of low-temperature training; a vypressovka and a press fitting cold of the connected details; freezing of soil at construction of pipelines and subway; deep cooling of mineral raw materials, production of a tuff covering)
In the petrochemical industry (for cryogenic division of products of chemical reactions; receiving quality polymers for production of polyethylene, ethylene, propylene and polyformaldehyde; for cleaning of regenerative catalysts and explosive mixes; storages and transportations of flammable liquids)
In scientific researches, ecology, electronic industry, power and the food industry (for a freezing, storage and transportation of various products)
In medicine (for high-quality preservation of blood and various krovesoderzhashchy preparations; for freezing and storage of bodies, fabrics, and also in technologies for receiving full-fledged powder medicines)

The company carries out gas sale nitrogen in 40-liter cylinders. It is possible to buy nitrogen at the favorable price in Kharkiv, on Gagarin Ave 117.
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