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Neon and LED advertizing signs

Neon and LED advertizing signs

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1. Not illuminated signs

Not illuminated signs represent the image printed on a film and which is dashed off on the advertizing carrier (a composite, cellular polycarbonate, a galvanized leaf or PVC-plastic), or put with method of a direct UV printing. Carry to not illuminated signs, also plates. Not illuminated advertizing illuminated signs it is the least expensive segment in means of outdoor advertizing. They will allow to cut repeatedly expenses on advertizing registration, in comparison with light designs. It is necessary to refer their inefficiency to shortcomings of not illuminated signs in comparison with illuminated signs in evening and night time.

2. Illuminated signs.
Light box (lightbox).
The most popular type of a sign. Represents frame, most often rectangular (but, by no means not always), a design which front part is the advertizing carrier. From within the light box is highlighted in a night-time by means of luminescent lamps, neon tubes or light-emitting diodes.
The most budgetary light a box are made of galvanized steel, the front part is made of cellular polycarbonate with drawing a vinyl film. As illumination use luminescent lamps.
Light a box of middle class make of the aluminum shape (case), as a front surface use dairy or color acryle, vinyl fabric with the image applied by means of a film. As illumination use luminescent lamps, light-emitting diodes.
The most expensive light a box have a rigid welded framework from an aluminum pipe, front and lateral parts of a box vypolnyaetsya from composite material with milling. The light plane - acrylic glass, vinyl fabric with application, or the full-color press. Illumination - light-emitting diodes, or a neon tube.
Light letters.
Effective, but more expensive, in comparison with light boxes, a sign. Represents figured volume letters with different types of illumination.

3. A banner design with illumination by searchlights.
In need of creation on a facade of the building of the advertizing plane of a big format this type of a sign will be the most economic. In this design the planimetric frame for a tension of the advertizing plane from vinyl fabric is used. Fabric is fixed by jamming in the special aluminum shape or by a lacing through cringles. The advertizing image is applied to fabric by means of technology of the full-color press or drawing application from a special banner film. In a night-time the advertizing plane is lit by means of the halogen or LED spotlights fixed on special arms on a building facade.

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Neon and LED advertizing signs
Neon and LED advertizing signs
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