Buy Needle butterfly for vacuum blood sampling
Needle butterfly for vacuum blood sampling

Needle butterfly for vacuum blood sampling

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandTerumo
  • Country of manufactureRomania
Needles - "butterflies" with the luyer-adapter are used for capture of blue blood together with a vacuum test tube and the holder Osobennosti of needles Big internal diameter (at the expense of superthin walls) provides the high speed of course of blood without risk of a trombirovaniye. The unique design of a cut of a tip (a double oblique-angled cut, sharpening by the laser) provides ease of input of a needle in a vein that allows to injure fabrics minimum. As a result: smaller tension for the patient lack of changes in blood lack of influence on quality of the taken blood lack of premature folding absence of damage of blood cells when passing them through a needle of Silikonizirovannaya a surface provides a bystry painless entrance of a needle to a vein and the smooth movement from the moment of a puncture until its extraction the Unique flexible valve from rubber (on the end of the needle sent to a test tube) closes the distalny end of a needle during the changing and removal of a test tube. As a result: the risk of contamination decreases formation of drops of blood on the end of the needle of the Eagle "butterfly" which is taken out from a test tube is prevented - it is a needle of bilateral type which two parts are connected by a flexible transparent tube which allows to keep a needle immovability in a vein at manipulations with a test tube, thereby minimizing risk of mechanical damage of a wall of a vessel. "Wing" provides easy and reliable fixing of a needle. Thanks to it needles "butterfly" allow to take blood from "problem" patients and are especially urgent in pediatrics, veterinary science, intensive care units. Bilateral needles are provided by closeness of system (lack of contact with the external environment), at capture of blood in a test tube. One part of a needle is intended for introduction to the patient's vein, another (closed by the rubber valve) - to puncture a rubber part of a stopper of a test tube. Existence of the valve keeps tightness of system during change of test tubes. This needle butterfly is applied a blood prizabor to the procedure of a plazmoterapiya, an autoplazmoterapiya, PRP, PRF. The minimum order - 1 packing (50 pieces, a pr-va Romania - the 250th UAH/unitary enterprise)
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Needle butterfly for vacuum blood sampling
Needle butterfly for vacuum blood sampling
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