Buy Napkin for glass (40x40 cm) "New".
Napkin for glass (40x40 cm) "New".

Napkin for glass (40x40 cm) "New".

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Ukraine, Zaporozhe
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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureSweden
  • Size40х40 cm

From "Traditional" differs in density and way of weaving (dvukhstoronnya: 1 party - smooth; The 2nd party - grooves) that increases its density and functionality. However, the mission of these 2 napkins is identical.

For clinical purity and gloss of your windows and mirrors slightly moisten or sprinkle a napkin water and one pass clear any smooth surface.
1) Before the first application give a wash a napkin. At the same time all production dust will be washed away, and also in water all borozdochka of structure of rassechenny microfibre will reveal.
2) Well wring out a napkin that there were no stains.
3) We recommend to work with a napkin in folded form. It is never so possible to process the big area it having washed. So, the napkin will serve for many years.
Leaving: All napkins from mikrorassechenny microfibre have the maximum degree of absorbency and perfectly give dirt to water when washing therefore it is enough without efforts to wash it by means of any soap without bleaches or in the machine. At strong pollution it is possible to boil 3 - 5 min. In soap solution. 200 boiling maintain.
Attention! It is not recommended to iron and dry on hot batteries.
Service life not less than 2 years at an intensive use.
Color: blue
Size: 40х40 cm.
Density: 280 g/m.
Producer: SMART, Sweden
Price: 198 UAH.

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Napkin for glass (40x40 cm) "New".
Napkin for glass (40x40 cm) "New".
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