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Modernization of systems

Modernization of systems

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Ukraine, Donetsk
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Modernization — (English Modern the - the updated, modern, rapid growth of scientific knowledge); I) Updating of object, its reduction in compliance with new requirements and norms, specifications, quality indicators. Cars, the equipment, technological processes are upgraded generally (for example, modernization of the computer); II) historical value — macroprocess of transition from traditional society to moderny society, from agrarian — to industrial. According to S. N. Gavrov the historical concept of modernization is considered mainly in three various values: 1) as the internal development of countries of Western Europe and North America relating to the European Modern times; 2) the catching-up modernization which is practiced by the countries which are not relating to the countries of the first group, but seeking them to catch up; 3) processes of evolutionary development of the most modernized societies (Western Europe and North America), i.e. modernization as permanent process, carrying out by means of carrying out reforms and innovations that means today transition to post-industrial society. [1] The theory of modernization is engaged in studying of modernization. III) modernization is a process of reconstruction of public system full or partial for the purpose of development acceleration

in the Luhansk, Donetsk region

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Modernization of systems
Modernization of systems
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