Buy Mix for a laying of furnaces and fireplaces
Mix for a laying of furnaces and fireplaces

Mix for a laying of furnaces and fireplaces

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Technical characteristics
  • ManufacturerООО "КЗНО"!
  • BrandООО "КЗНО"
  • Country of manufactureUkraine
  • MaterialСмесь для кладки печей и каминов

The dry masonry mix which is not demanding a preliminary preparatory work is applied to a laying of a fire-resistant brick in fireplaces, a barbecue and other furnaces. This mix allows to reduce significantly laying time, providing at the same time, a fast skhvatyvayemost and high durability.

Dry mix is:

  • Ø - READY material for receiving solution
  • Ø - environmentally friendly, not causing irritation and allergic reactions
  • Ø - fireproof
  • Ø - convenient in application
  • Ø - plastic
  • Ø - heat-resistant
  • Ø - does not emit harmful substances when heating
  • Ø - frost-resistant
  • Ø - factory fabricated with use of hi-tech additives and softeners.



Maximum temperature of operation, 0C


Material consumption at a laying on 1 brick/kg, a seam of 4 mm


Thickness of a seam, mm


Water additive at application, l / 20кг dry mix



Drill mixer

Drying duration at a temperature of 5-200C

till 2 weeks


Period of storage:

12 months in the dry room


Bag paper weighing 20 kg



Before works to clear a surface of a brick of dust, pollution and to humidify, having lowered a brick in water on 10-15s. It is not recommended to use a brick with traces of paint and soot.

Mixing and bricklaying is recommended to be carried out at a temperature not below 5 of 0C.

In capacity powder is filled up and water is added.

Hashing time before receiving uniform mix not less than 5 minutes.

In case of carrying out repair work the working surface is cleared on depth of 3-5 cm, with removal by a dust brush in interbrick space. The smoothed-out seam, is well humidified by means of a brush. The prepared solution before full filling is applied, the seam is rubbed clean.

Duration of use of ready mix till 60 minutes at additional hashing.

The general hold time from the moment of the termination of a laying not less than 2 weeks.










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Mix for a laying of furnaces and fireplaces
Mix for a laying of furnaces and fireplaces
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