Buy MITSUBISHI H.I.SRK20HG-S conditioner
MITSUBISHI H.I.SRK20HG-S conditioner

MITSUBISHI H.I.SRK20HG-S conditioner

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Technical characteristics
  • Heating power2,22 kW
MITSUBISHI H.I.SRK20HG-S conditioner
Wall the Split system of Mitsubishi Heavy SRK20HG-S belongs to modifications of a business class. Has an opportunity to be used both for the purpose of air cooling indoors, and for the benefit of its heating. Consumption of this model in comparison with others is not too big, apart from it, the preserving mode is available, working in what Mitsubishi Heavy SRK20HG-S that without understanding keeps comfortable local climate at the smallest power consumptions. Among pluses of Mitsubishi Heavy SRK20HG-S it is possible to notice a pair filtration of the spirit given to a vykladyvaniye with the use of the enzymatic photocatalytic filter. The microclimate is cleared of dust and pollen of plants, all unsafe flora is destroyed. The filter shows the deodorizing effect eliminating opposite smells. The fan in the conditioner to have an antibacterial covering at the order and it is not capable to be a source of harmful bacteria. Air is ionized by day and night, degree of a congestion of negatively charged ions characteristic of the atmosphere in the wood is supported. The Mitsubishi Heavy SRK20HG-S conditioner has an opportunity to work in the night mode, with the lowered rumble level. For fast cooling or warming up of air it is indoors possible to activate the mode of the increased productivity.
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MITSUBISHI H.I.SRK20HG-S conditioner
MITSUBISHI H.I.SRK20HG-S conditioner
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