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Ukraine, Kharkov
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Technical characteristics
  • Conductor materialCopper
  • Wire materialFluoroplastic

TU 16-505.185-71 MGTF.
The wire mgtf or as it sometimes call a cable mgtf, consists of tens thin small copper a provolok twisted among themselves in a conducting vein. Marking of a wire of MGTF is deciphered as: "A wire multiwire flexible with ftoroplastovy heat-resistant isolation". Flexibility of a cable directly depends on quantity thin copper a provolok being a part of a wire. The more veins, the flexibility of a wire respectively increases.
The wire assembly MGTF performed by UHL is applied in "warm damp", "hot dry" and "very hot dry" climatic areas in accordance with GOST 16350. The wire of MGTF can be operated in hot and moderate climatic zones, at ambient temperature it is higher than 40C and it is higher than 80% of relative humidity. The MGTF cable passed three-months laboratory researches in the southern and northern strip of Russia. Perfectly proved under any weather conditions.
The wire of MGTF is applied in the aviation industry, a sudostroitelstvo and household works. Serves as the reliable conductor of electric energy. Is an important part of electroinstallations and other equipment. The cable is used for laying in and outside of rooms. A wire assembly mgtf are applied by generally short pieces of average length of 15 meters. As a rule are used for motionless laying in interblock boxes and connection of devices, devices and other electric and radio engineering devices. The assembly cable mgtf has one color, for the best recognition of assembly wires their external insulating covers usually mark tsapon with a varnish in various colors. The wire mgtf is not intended for work at mechanical loadings.
Wire mgtf technical characteristics.
The wire of MGTF consists of one or several conductors isolated from each other. Isolation of a wire of MGTF consists of not baked ftoroplastovy film. Quality of isolation is checked according to TU on a face cut of the made wire.
Isolation of a cable is calculated on tension to 250B, frequency to 5 kHz.
In the Wire mgtf diameter and section are put in the name of a position. The wire mgtf has the standard veins registered in TU 16-505.185-71 plants (mgtf - 0.03, mgtf - 0.05, mgtf - 0.07, mgtf - 0.10, mgtf - 0.12, mgtf - 0.14, mgtf - 0.20, mgtf - 0.35, mgtf - 0.75, mgtf - 1.00) where the figure designates section.

The plant releases also a screened wire: MGTFE-0,07, MGTFE-0,10, MGTFE-0,12, MGTFE-0,14, MGTFE-0,20, MGTFE-0,35 and also eranirovany with several wires: MGTFE2*0,07, MGTFE2*0,12, MGTF2*0,14, MGTFE2*0,20, MGTFE2*0,35, MGTFE3*0,07, MGTFE3*0,12, MGTFE3*0,14, MGTFE3*0,14, MGTFE3*0,20, MGTFE3*0,35, MGTFE4*0,07, MGTFE4*0,12, MGTFE4*0,14, MGTFE4*0,20, MGTFE4*0,35. For example: the wire mgtf-0,20 has section 0,2mm. Electric resistance of this wire makes no more than 105 Ohms on 1 kilometer. 

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MGTF wire
MGTF wire
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