Buy Metalpolymeric alyumonapolnenny protective and decorative structure "SYNTAL®", 5 l
Metalpolymeric alyumonapolnenny protective and decorative structure "SYNTAL®", 5 l

Metalpolymeric alyumonapolnenny protective and decorative structure "SYNTAL®", 5 l

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Technical characteristics
  • Brand«SYNTAL®»
  • Country of manufactureUkraine

Appointment and scope of structure "SYNTAL®"

         The metalpolymeric alyumonapolnenny protective and decorative structure " is intended to SYNTAL®" for anticorrosive protection of external and internal surfaces of the industrial equipment and metal designs.        It is applied as a decorative finishing covering (silvery color). The product processed by finishing protective and decorative structure of "SYNTAL" has to   be previously processed by structure for cold galvanizing of "ZINTEC".

           The structure can be used in industrial and civil engineering, transport construction, an oil and gas complex, power, objects of the railroads, port and hydroconstructions, motor transport.

           The structure is realized to the enterprises of all forms of ownership and in a distribution network.

           The structure when drawing forms a covering of SYNTAL of silvery color.

           The covering in a complex with a zinc covering of ZINTEC provides effective protection of steel to similarly zinc metal coverings.


Technical characteristics  of special structure of SYNTAL ®


as a decorative finishing covering (silvery color).

Expense of structure (on one layer)

0,14-0,16 l/sq.m (130-150 g/m2)

Color of a covering



Solvent (oil, coal), xylol.

Viscosity when drawing (200C)

40s on the VZ-3 viscometer.

 Expiration date

Unlimited, at speed. from - 40 °C to + 35 °C in   an undisturbed original packing

 Environment temperature when drawing

from -30 °C to +50 °C

Drying time:

20-30 min. Full drying 24 hours.

Adhesion of a covering

1 point

Density of structure at 20 °C

950 kg/m3


The metal tins which are hermetically closed.


0,8l, 5 l, 20 l



Technological process


  1. Technological process of drawing finishing protective and decorative structure of "SYNTAL" consists of the following consistently carried out operations:

1.1. Preparation of a surface for drawing a covering;

1.2. Preparation of working structure for drawing;

1.3. Drawing  covering;

1.4. Layer-by-layer drying of a covering;

1.5. Quality control of a covering;

1.6. Final endurance of a covering before commissioning.

  1. Technological process of drawing finishing protective and decorative structure of "SYNTAL" is recommended to be carried out at  an air temperature not below minus 30 °C.
  2. When working on drawing in winter time  in the open air, it is necessary: 

- a construction of canopies or shelters for protection against rainfall;

- temperature of a surface of metal has to be  not less, than on + 30C dew points are higher.

Preparation of a metal surface for drawing a covering

  1. The product processed by finishing protective and decorative structure of "SYNTAL" has to   be previously processed by structure for cold galvanizing of "ZINTEC". Drawing structure on the surfaces which are not processed by structure for cold galvanizing of "ZINTEC" is not allowed.
  2. All parts of products which are subject to protection have to  be available to survey, preparation of a surface, drawing a covering and control of its quality.
  3. Before drawing finishing protective and decorative structure of "SYNTAL" the metal surface should be prepared:

3.1. Steel (metal rolling) - to remove dust (as necessary).

  1. The working structure is applied on the cleared and removed dust surface no later than in 12 hours if a metalwork is in the open air, and 48 hours if they are in the room.

Preparation of working structure

  1. The finishing protective and decorative structure of "SYNTAL"  is completely ready to application for drawing by a spray with the top arrangement of a tank and   with a diameter of nozzle of 2,0 mm.   In case of need material allows dilution by solvents a xylol, solvent (oil or coal). To dilute finishing protective and decorative structure of "SYNTAL" with other thinners it is not allowed.
  2. The finishing protective and decorative structure of "SYNTAL" before application needs to be mixed carefully in capacity before formation of homogeneous mass the mixer nozzle on a drill and to shake up before each loading of a tank of a spray.

Putting material

  1. The working structure is applied on the cleared and removed dust surface no later than in 12 hours if a metalwork is in the open air, and 48 hours if metal is in the room.  Irrespective of the chosen way of drawing structure on the prepared surface welded seams,  and also the places remote for drawing structure the painting equipment, it is necessary  to paint over a brush in the beginning.  In the presence of cracks and the hidden emptiness after welding to exclude a possibility of hit of moisture to these places (any ways of a waterproofing which are not polluting a surface).
  2. The finishing protective and decorative structure of "SYNTAL" can be applied on the processed surface only by means of a kraskoraspylitel.

2.1. Drawing by method of pneumatic dispersion: The equipment has to be pure from the pollution which are earlier used by LKM. Dilution of finishing protective and decorative structure of "SYNTAL" if necessary is made by thinners a xylol or solvent, in the ratio to 5% on weight. Pressure of air is 0,2 – 0,3 MRA (2 – 3 bar). Diameter of a nozzle is 2,0 mm. The working finishing protective and decorative structure of "SYNTAL" has to in the course of drawing in any way mix up periodically (in 20 - 30 min.) . Material needs to be applied layer-by-layer, blocking an edge of earlier put strip. The general thickness of a covering has to be min of 40 microns – max of 160 microns. When drawing on designs, whose mechanical deformations are insignificant, it is possible to increase the maximum thickness of a covering to 200 microns. All works on putting  the material "SYNTAL" are carried out at a temperature from – 30 ° C to +50 °C and relative humidity to 90%. The structure can be applied on a damp surface. At the same time on a surface there should not be a moisture  in the form of drops, and at negative temperatures of drawing to exclude existence of a crust of ice. It is recommended to use canopies when drawing a covering in rainfall (snow, a rain).

Consumption rates of finishing protective and decorative structure of "SYNTAL"

At  works on  a metal covering by finishing protective and decorative structure of "SYNTAL"  the consumption rate of structure at observance of the production technology cannot exceed 150 grams on 1 sq.m of a surface of metal.

Quality control of anticorrosive works

Quality of anticorrosive works is controlled both  in the course of performance of separate operations, and after performance of all complex of works.   It is necessary to control quality of a covering external survey. The covering after polymerization  should not have a through time, bubbles and visible damages.

 Thickness of a covering is controlled after drying by means of devices - feeler gages.

Elimination of defects and repair of a covering

The defective place (peeling, swelling  , etc.) which arose  in the course of drawing a covering, and also operation is subject to immediate elimination.  To smooth out a defective site an emery paper,  to degrease and dry.

   To apply an anticorrosive covering according to technology of drawing on the prepared surface.

 Covering thickness on a metal surface should be determined by the feeler gage.

Transportation and storage

The finishing protective and decorative structure of "SYNTAL" is transported all means of transport in the covered vehicles according to the rules of transportation of goods existing on each type of transport.

Material is stored in the aired rooms closed warehouse or under canopies at a temperature not above 35 °C. At storage at more high temperature the manufacturer does not guarantee compliance of material to requirements of the specification.

The finishing protective and decorative structure of "SYNTAL" has to be stored in a container with densely closed covers excluding hit of moisture, dust and other pollution. 

Production     of NPTs "Teploantikorzashchita"   is shipped   from  a warehouse in

Severodonetsk.  Delivery of orders across Ukraine through transport companies

"New mail", "Deliveri", "SAT", "The night express", and / transport of the company or shipment at own expense.

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Metalpolymeric alyumonapolnenny protective and decorative structure "SYNTAL®", 5 l
Metalpolymeric alyumonapolnenny protective and decorative structure
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