Buy Meal pumpkin Elit Phito, 100 g of M022
Meal pumpkin Elit Phito, 100 g of M022

Meal pumpkin Elit Phito, 100 g of M022

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Energy of the sun in pumpkin!


Pumpkin surprising vegetable ― life vegetable, it incorporated all energy of the sun and is ready to share it with us generously. Pumpkin "arrived" to Europe by Columbus's ships in the 15th century, its valuable food and medicinal properties were appreciated at once, and since then pumpkin became an integral part of a diet of Europeans.

Pulp of pumpkin is used for preparation of many dishes, and here do oil and flour which use for treatment and prevention of many diseases of its seeds, it is a concentrate of all useful substances with which pumpkin was generously allocated by the nature.

Pumpkin flour ― natural vitamin and mineral complex

Flour from seeds of pumpkin combines a large number of useful components in the structure: protein, irreplaceable amino acids (arginin, valin, a glutamine, phenylalanine, glycine, etc.), vitamins (E, A, F, vitamins of the B, S, R, T, K group, etc.), macro - and minerals which flour contains more than 50.

Pumpkin flour ― is a dietary product which easily is acquired and digested at the expense of high content (to 50%) in it full-fledged protein. It normalizes a metabolism, stimulates immunity, improves work of cardiovascular and urinogenital system, a liver and kidneys, increases intellectual and physical working capacity. Flour is recommended to be used at small appetite, decrease in a potentiality, male infertility, violation of work of reproductive system, allergies, abuse of alcohol, a memory impairment, bystry fatigue, depressions, problems with weight, hair and nails, diabetes, atherosclerosis, obesity, liver diseases.

This nutritious component is very useful to prevention of interseasonal avitaminosis. For those people who are engaged in hard mental, physical activity or sport, pumpkin flour ― the real find! So it is organic, nutritional supplement, flour is used as a component of sports food.

Pumpkin flour is perfectly combined with all medicines and food and has no contraindications!

Flour can be used as separately, and to use for preparation of dishes and pastries. Pumpkin flour is added to dough (on 1 kg of wheat flour ― 1 tablespoon of pumpkin) ― it does bakery products gentle and saturates them with full-fledged protein. Pumpkin flour is used as a thickener and add to already ready some porridges. Pumpkin flour is suitable both for internal, and for external application. It is known as miracle cosmetic, creams and masks from it rejuvenate, revitalize and tone up skin.

Method of application

  • 1-2 h. To dilute spoons of pumpkin flour in fermented milk product (kefir, yogurt, fermented baked milk) or other drink, to accept 2 times a day within a month 3-4 times a year. At reception of pumpkin flour it is obligatory to drink not less than 2 liters of water a day.

Pumpkin flour can be added to dough which does not demand long thermal treatment (fritters, pancakes, cakes, rolls): on 1 kg of rye or wheat flour of 100-150 g of pumpkin flour. The home-made pastries made with addition of pumpkin flour, enriched with full-fledged digestible protein turn out magnificent, long do not harden and do not grow mouldy (the period of storage of the bakery products prepared from the test with pumpkin flour addition raises till 72 o'clock). Pumpkin flour can be added to already ready porridges, to use as a thickener for sauces, it is suitable for preparation of cocktails.

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Meal pumpkin Elit Phito, 100 g of M022
Meal pumpkin Elit Phito, 100 g of M022
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