Order Massage by snails in massage salon "Novaya" on Oboloni
Massage by snails in massage salon "Novaya" on Oboloni

Massage by snails in massage salon "Novaya" on Oboloni

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Ukraine, Kiev
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Massage by snails

Massage by snails is a unique and exotic type of an animaloterapiya which has the rejuvenating, anti-inflammatory and weakening effect. Especially it is popular in Asia. Slime of snails to treatment of problems of face skin was applied 2000 years ago, and it is not the invention of our time. Still ancient Hippocrates mentioned that snails were applied in old times at treatment of an inflammation and aging of skin.

We use property of snails to emit the curative slime possessing the rejuvenating and anti-inflammatory action for skin, and ability to render the weakening effect during movement on the person and a surface of a body.

Glands of snails contain allantoin and elastin. Allantoin renders the rejuvenating and regenerating effect on skin. Under its influence skin begins to regenerate and produce collagen. The following effect of an allantoin is directed on protection of the angry skin injured by ultraviolet rays, chemical means and mechanical irritation. It prevents emergence of spots on skin, it is considered the strong antioxidant confronting against free radicals which promote aging of skin. Collagen is a protein which supports and strengthens skin. Elastin is a protein which gives to skin elasticity. Besides it contains vitamins A, With, E, the glycoleft acid, the natural disinfecting and antibiotic ingredients. The glycoleft acid intensifies production of elastin and combats age change of pigmentation of skin. Vitamins A and With promotes collagen emergence, help skin to keep moisture. Vitamin E is used in cosmetics as the element moistening and strengthening absorption.

Slime of a snail is capable to replace expensive rejuvenating cosmetics because of what many cosmetology and pharmaceutical companies use slime of snails in the production. Therefore there is no sense to buy expensive and not always the effective, causing dependence cosmetics.

In procedure massage snails Kiev apply special huge African overland snails who never stayed in street conditions and deliberately grown up in our studio for massage performance.

Snail massage makes a course of 10 - 20 sessions.

At your service skilled masters of manual, hardware massage, cosmetologist, animaloterapevt and other experts.

We wait for you to the address: Geroyev Dnieper St., 35

Bodies (044)361-73-20, (063)334-61-51

website http://www.nova-ya.kiev.ua/



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Massage by snails in massage salon "Novaya" on Oboloni
Massage by snails in massage salon "Novaya" on Oboloni
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