Buy Marking printers of a series 6500
Marking printers of a series 6500

Marking printers of a series 6500

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandEBS InkJet Systeme
  • Country of manufactureGermany

Full information on the equipment EBS is provided on our website:

For the solution of your technical task (marking of production black ink in one-three lines, from 1,4 to 14 mm high), we are ready to offer model of the EBS 6500 printer which is industrial printing the "INK JET" device (emission

blackened), allowing to sign without touch various moving (e.g.,

on the production conveyor) objects. The printer provides

Possibilities of printing:

  • Markiratorebs 6500 can put long-term and accurate marking on various surfaces, including glossy, porous and rough materials of non-standard forms such as cable, pipes, insulating accessories, plastic packings and many other things. The contactless technology of marking is applied to avoid press problems on curve surfaces (there is a considerable distance to 30 mm between the printing head and object).

Markirator offers excellent opportunities to the press (according to the MPH level):

  • tekstydo 3 lines, with use of a variety of matrixes, capital and capital, fat and italic letters, including use of diacritical national symbols,
  • grafikas a set of graphic symbols, both built in, and created by the user by means of the application of the built-in graphic processor,
  • stroke of kodyrazlichny types, in a positive or in a negative, with or without numerical label
  • Possibility of automatic drawing Time and date of production and opportunity to automatically update the storage service life / period, with the choice to code date and elements of time, objects of number (via incremental, decremental and special counters) and to make the codes which are dynamically changing a stroke (via incremental or decremental counters).
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Marking printers of a series 6500
Marking printers of a series 6500
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