Order Management of projects and construction of "turnkey" wine-making plants
Management of projects and construction of "turnkey" wine-making plants

Management of projects and construction of "turnkey" wine-making plants

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Ukraine, Melitopol
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We specialize in area of liquid environments — milk, drinks, vodka, wine, beer, oil, mineral water, household chemicals, paint and varnish productions, etc.

Also, we are engaged in productions on processing of grapes, apples, fruit, vegetables.

Milest's company offers services in management of projects of construction of new plants and reconstruction of operating.

The sense of it is that the Customer transfers us functions and powers on control and management of construction. Such form of work is the most progressive since allows to reduce expenses, terms of implementation of the project, not to distract the Customer's resources, and to transfer this work to professionals.

Construction of new plant is very difficult process. It begins with idea, development of the concept, proceeds in design, construction, installation of equipment, start in production. We passed this process a set of times on the most different productions. We saved up an extensive experience on management and implementation of projects. We have a developed team into which enter, both our employees, and various companies — designers, the construction general contractor, suppliers of the equipment, subcontract organizations on all service environments (heat, cold, ventilation, the electrician, installation of pipelines, the equipment, etc.). All this gives the chance to execute the new project in the shortest possible time, for reasonable money, with the minimum problems and disagreements.

Undertaking function of management of the project we are on the side of the Customer. From his name we hold tenders, we prepare contracts, we check financial documentation, we build schedule diagrams, we watch the construction performance course, montazhy, we make coordination of works between all participants of construction.

Now the scheme of work causing problems when the Customer charges design of one organization, construction — to the general contractor is often used, is engaged in supply of equipment. When construction begins — the huge number of disagreements is found — technological pipes get on ventilation, the bases do not correspond to the equipment, diameters of pipelines and fittings are not joined, cables are chosen not that section, etc., etc. We build plants 20 years and we meet it constantly. All this causes huge delays of construction, and as result, the lost money. As a result the Customer quarrels with the contractors, all look for guilty, and terms leave and leave.

In the developed countries the control of projects usually is transferred to the professionals having experience in this area. It allows to save considerably project cost, to meet the required deadline. At the same time, the general expenses, even taking into account the fee of Management company, will be less than if to build independently. Usually the service price for management of the project makes about 5% of its cost.

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Management of projects and construction of "turnkey" wine-making plants
Management of projects and construction of "turnkey" wine-making plants
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