Buy Machines of hydroabrasive cutting MWJ F4
Machines of hydroabrasive cutting MWJ F4

Machines of hydroabrasive cutting MWJ F4

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Ukraine, Kharkov
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Installation of hydroabrasive cutting MICROWATERJET F4 finds the application in cases when the producer places great demands on structure of material after cutting process. At hydroabrasive cutting the structure of material remains invariable. At the same time practically all materials which are not dissolved by water can be processed.

The certified MICROWATERJET F4 installation opens new opportunities of processing. The stable, reproduced and precision technological processing of the thinnest contours with a width of crossing point up to 0,02 mm is guaranteed.

The Microwaterjet F4 installation has very stable bed executed from Granitan (polimerbeton) and the portal supported from two parties set in motion by two sharikovintovy couples. For ensuring accuracy of positioning in 1 micron on all length of a bed digital optical rulers are established. The guaranteed, reproduced technological capability of the machine in a zone of cutting of 600 1000 mm makes ±0,01 mm.

Control of all three axes of the machine is exercised through compact amplifiers of the Numdrive C servo - driver that in turn allows to reduce the electrocase sizes. The general control of the machine is carried out by the Num - Flexium - CNC system equipped with the user Num FS152i interface (HMI) for input of teams.
Name of parameters Data
1. Key parameters and sizes
Overall dimensions (without distributive case) 2060 x 1930 x 1830 mm
Distributive case 1490 x 510 x 1510 mm
Weight, assembled including a distributive case, the bunker for an abrasive, the control panel and the pump of a high pressure apprx. 8000 kg
Working zone 1000 x 600 mm
Way of movement on axis Z 120 (140) mm
Maximum speed of movement 4000 mm/min.
Maximum speed of cutting 4000 mm/min.
Positioning accuracy (acceptance measurement of ISO 230 - 2) 2,5 microns
Stability of repeatability of positioning (acceptance measurement of ISO 230 - 2) 2,5 microns
Possible production admission from + / - 0,01 mm
Cut surface roughness to N6 (Ra 0,8)
2. Characteristic of the pump of a high pressure of Boehler ECOTRON 351 PWC
Sort of current of a power line Variable
Three - phase
Frequency of current, Hz 50±2%
Tension, In 400±10%
Current of installation of operation of the introduction automatic switch, no more, And 30
Power of the electric motor of a hydraulic actuator, kW No more than 11 kW
(The general power is 22 kW)
Max. working pressure of the pump of a high pressure, Bar No more than 4000

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Machines of hydroabrasive cutting MWJ F4
Machines of hydroabrasive cutting MWJ F4
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