Buy Liquid polyurethane for molding of forms of a decorative stone, stamps.
Liquid polyurethane for molding of forms of a decorative stone, stamps.

Liquid polyurethane for molding of forms of a decorative stone, stamps.

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandPolytek
  • Country of manufactureUnited States

Flexible polyurethane for the Polytek forms (USA)


Color - white. A ratio when mixing: 1:1 on weight.

It is intended

Polyurethane has hardness on Shora A 50 and is intended for production of any iznostoyky flexible forms under casting of plaster, cement, concrete. Differs in fine elasticity and durability. The final product has high resistance to influence of moisture and is used for production practically of any forms with negative corners. Maintains the much bigger number of castings in comparison with many silicones.


Components easily mix up by a manual method. Ideally holds the alkaline environment of concrete, is suitable for filling by plaster. 



Characteristics of liquid flexible two-component polyurethane for production of forms

Color Light-honey (light yellow translucent)
Hardness on Shora And 50
Ratio when mixing, 25-40C 1:1 on weight!
Viscosity of a component A, cps 500-700
Viscosity of a component B, cps 1500-2000
Viscosity of the A+B, cps component 1000-2000
Density of part A, kg/dm3 0,998-1,038
Density of part B, kg/dm3 1,05-1,100
Polymerization time, h 24
Effort to a gap, MPa 8-12
Relative lengthening, % 400-550
Linear shrinkage (after 5 days), % 0,1
Storage at a temperature, With 5-35C
Period of storage, month. 6



Technology of work with flexible polyurethane for forms

  1. To mix each part separately different pure dry sticks before their mixing. 
  2. Dose components only on weight, not on volume. Use scales!
  3. After exact dispensing of components mix demands careful hashing to a uniform state. 
  4. Stir manually or the electric tool on small turns about 60 sec.
  5. Polyurethane foams from moisture. The water drop which got on master model or in mix can spoil all product. The master model has to be absolutely dry. 
  6. Any liquids containing alcohol destroy a polyurethane form.
  7. After the procedure of mixing it is possible to fill in previously processed master model. By the nature polyurethane - excellent glue. The master model raw by dividing structure will surely stick to polyurethane forever.
  8. Before the main filling surely do trial filling of small amount of polyurethane. Make sure that you rather well processed master model and your dividing structure does not allow to stick to a form.
  9. Never you hurry to fill in polyurethane at once and many.  
  10. You store polyurethane components surely in densely closed container. Do not allow hit of damp air in capacity.  


Storage of two-component polyurethane:

Liquid polyurethane has to be stored in hermetically closed container protected from moisture. In the dry and cool room. A warranty period of storage – 4 months from the date of production (without violation of tightness of packing). Hit of moisture when filling, mixing and storage is inadmissible. Badly closed capacities can lead to violation of properties and foaming, polymerization of components.

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Liquid polyurethane for molding of forms of a decorative stone, stamps.
Liquid polyurethane for molding of forms of a decorative stone, stamps.
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