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Liquid nitrogen

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Liquid nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen — liquid of transparent color. Is one of four aggregate states of nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen possesses with a specific density of 0,808 kg/dm ³ and has a boiling point 77,4 K (−195,75 °C). It is not explosive and is not poisonous.
In a free look — gas without color, a smell and taste, we will badly dissolve in water. Consists of the diatomic molecules N2 having high durability. Treats nonmetals.


the industry receives nitrogen from air. For this purpose air is cooled at first, liquefied, and liquid air is subjected to distillation (distillation). Temperature of boiling of nitrogen is a little lower (–195,8 °C), than other component of air — oxygen (–182,9 °C) therefore at careful heating of liquid air nitrogen evaporates the first. To consumers gaseous nitrogen is delivered in summary form (150 atm. or 15 MPas) in the black cylinders having the yellow inscription "nitrogen".
The laboratory receives pure ("chemical") nitrogen adding when heating saturated solution of chloride of NH4Cl ammonium to solid nitrite of NaNO2 sodium.


In equipment and on production:


  • it is used for cryogenic cutting;
  • at a deep freezing of various materials, including organic;
  • for cooling of various equipment and equipment;
  • in an overkloking, for cooling of components of the computer at extreme dispersal;
  • in the industry gas nitrogen is used mainly for receiving ammonia;
  • As chemically inert gas nitrogen is applied to providing the inert environment in various chemical and metallurgical processes, when pumping combustible liquids.

In the food industry:

  • liquid nitrogen is used as the cooling and freezing agent;
  • it is applied also as propellants, for example in whipped cream in barrels;
  • nitrogen is registered as a food additive of E - 941 as the gas environment for packing and storage, coolant, and liquid nitrogen is applied at spill of oils and not carbonated drinks to creation of excessive pressure and the inert environment in a soft container.

In medicine:

  • for storage of cages, bodies and fabrics by means of a cryopreservation;
  • for the cosmetic cryobathtub procedure (influence by cold on skin);
  • for cryodestruction (destruction of affected areas of fabrics and bodies), for example, for removal of warts.

In fire extinguishing:

  • the principle of fire extinguishing with liquid nitrogen is that evaporating, nitrogen cools the center of ignition and forces out the oxygen necessary for burning therefore the fire stops;
  • as nitrogen, unlike water, foam or powder, just evaporates and disappears, nitric fire extinguishing, along with carbon dioxide — the most effective from the point of view of safety of values a way of suppression of the fires.

Liter of liquid nitrogen, evaporating and heating up to 20 °C, forms about 700 liters of gas. For this reason liquid nitrogen is stored in special vessels of the Dewar with vacuum isolation of open type, cryocylinders or cryogenic capacities under pressure.

Safety measures during the work with liquid nitrogen:
Short - term contact of skin with liquid nitrogen is not dangerous as at the same time on
to skin the airbag with low heat conductivity which protects is formed
skin from direct contact with liquid nitrogen. Long contact of liquid nitrogen
or the material cooled with liquid nitrogen with skin or eyes can cause serious
damages. At hit of liquid nitrogen on skin the affected area follows immediately
it is plentiful to wash water.

At evaporation of liquid nitrogen, the evaporating gas has very low temperature and
density big than at air. Therefore it can collect at the lower level of the room and is imperceptible create the increased concentration indoors. At the same time
concentration of oxygen in air decreases — there is a violation of a rhythm of breath,
pulse increase, then — violation of consciousness, decrease in a chuvstvii - telnost, is lost
ability to move, appears nausea and vomiting, the consciousness, and through is disconnected several
minutes there occurs the death. Special danger is that it occurs
without serious consequences and the person does not realize the state.

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Liquid nitrogen
Liquid nitrogen
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