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Leveling platforms (Doklevellera)

Leveling platforms (Doklevellera)

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Electrohydraulic platforms with a sliding ramp

Electrohydraulic leveling platforms with a sliding telescopic ramp of the DLHT series are the most effective device intended for access of loading equipment from a warehouse in a lorry body during the loading and unloading works. Are used in cases when it is necessary to position most precisely a ramp in a car body, for example, at its lateral loading, and also at the minimum distance between the edge of a body of the car and freight located in it. Segments of a ramp provide a possibility of work with cars which width already platform width. The principle of work is that at activization the platform rises and the ramp moves forward, further the platform falls until the ramp reaches a truck body floor. After the end of loading and unloading works the platform rises again, the ramp moves, the platform comes back to a starting position. Installation is carried out by the suspended or built-in type of installation. At the request of the customer the platform can be delivered with oil for work at low temperatures (up to -50 °C).

Main advantages:

  • length of a ramp makes 500/1000 mm;
  • during the work with the lorry having a distortion, the platform inclination is possible to 100 mm aside;
  • thanks to a yellow-black alarm strip it is visible that the platform is higher than the level of a ramp;
  • support provide the safe cross movement on a platform;
  • the security system of hydraulic installation will instantly stop a platform in case of a rupture of a hose or unauthorized departure of the car at the time of work;
  • the mechanism of fixing provides safe carrying out maintenance and repair of a platform.


Platform cover



Alarm black-yellow strip

Hydraulic pump

Lifting cylinder

Ramp cylinder

The latch is repair

PVC blind frontal

Control unit

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Leveling platforms (Doklevellera)
Leveling platforms (Doklevellera)
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